The Road Unraveling Racism

“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

—US Constitution, Article II, Section 4

Because the GOP majority Senate failed to follow the clear guidelines of the constitution, 2020 has been a year of unending chaos.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.” ~John Stuart Mill, 1867

The week ending June 6, 2020:

*artist unknown

Central Park Karen, (Amy Cooper,) got her dog back, but not her job. Governor Cuomo is working on an ordinance that would make false 911 calls, like the one she made, illegal. I thought they already were illegal.

The tRump supporter who nearly committed mass murder by driving his tanker-truck directly into a Minneapolis crowd, protesting George Floyd’s murder, been released from prison without being charged.

The governor of Minnesota said the driver was “frustrated” when he drove onto the highway, just before it was closed to traffic. No protesters were injured. Here are two links the first shows the speed at which he drove toward the crowd, and the second shows his attempt to continue on after stopping.

Likewise, in Bakersfield California, a White man (whose torso and arms are covered in tattoos with Nazi symbols) drove over a black protester, killing him, but was not arrested. Maybe he was frustrated too.

Thursday night, at a protest outside of Buffalo New York’s City Hall, two local police officers shoved a frail 75-year-old man, who lost consciousness after his head audibly hit the concrete. Blood pooled around his head as the group of officers continued marching, ignoring the body on the ground.

The result was that those two officers were suspended from their jobs, with pay, and were charged with felony assault.

Fifty-seven officers on the same Emergency Response Team quit the unit, (but not their jobs) in protest. Good. Who cares?

On the day the two offending officers were scheduled to appear in court, a mob of white police officers stood in front of the courthouse in support of the officers who injured the man.

None of those mentioned visited the victim in the hospital to check on his welfare, and the police union is now trying to paint the victim as an agitator.

Anti-gay voting GOP Congressman Lindsey Graham’s sexuality is his own business. Regardless, a male sex worker has come forward asking other sex workers, who have been paid by “Lady G” for sex, to come forward. His hope is that with the power of numbers he’ll have fewer repercussions defying his non-disclosure agreement. He wants to expose the hypocrisy of a GOP congressman who has been advocating against gay rights his entire career.

If “Lady G” is Graham as everyone has guessed, it would explain the extreme change of heart he underwent after a day of golf with Tweety-Amin at Mar-a-Lago. We all assumed Graham was being blackmailed, and there is no room in politics for a man who is harming the country as a result of working under duress.

Last Sunday, the president of the second-largest police union in NYC, (for 35 years,) Ed Mullins, posted the private information, (including address,) of Mayor de Blasio’s 25-year-old daughter. She had been arrested while protesting.

This week’s unemployment numbers were announced, straight from the White House Bunker, but proven to be lies. Unemployment is not down and July’s numbers will soar after Congress’ “Paycheck Protection Program” ends.

Lies like this, reported as fact by mainstream media, are extremely harmful, even if they are corrected later. By the time the truth comes out no one is listening. AG Barr successfully buried the Mueller report using the same method.

In Indiana, police stood by as an armed group of white ‘bystanders’ stood on the sidelines watching protesters march past them. It was clearly an attempt to intimidate and instigate, and it makes me wonder how police would have acted if the situation was reversed.

Add DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to the long list of strong women who have gotten under Hair Furor’s skin. She authorized a “Black Lives Matter” mural to be painted on the street that leads up to the White House and renamed that section of the road as such.

Reverend Gini Gerbasi, whose church was the location of Agent-Orange’s biblical photo shoot can also be added to the list.

The record number of protesters at demonstrations around the world this week, particularly Saturday, inspired Bunker-Boy to tweet that the size of the crowd did not meet expectations. (He used two-syllable words to express the thought.)

Delusional Donny wants a hamberder.

I’ll end this post with a photo of my new imaginary boyfriend, Justin Trudeau…sigh.

3 thoughts on “The Road Unraveling Racism

  1. If the country doesn’t have a change come in leadership come January, 2021…I hate to even think of it. Police discrimination and brutality toward people of color will not end until we have politicians who make needed changes in law and law enforcement leaders who make serious changes in personnel and response.

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