Save our Hamberders; Implement the ‘Defense Protection Act!’

You know I don’t care what you eat. I’m a 🌱 on the down-low, so please don’t give me your anti-vegan vitriol.

🎶Nothing really matters to me. 🎶 or Freddy Mercury.

This is Merica, where you can:

  • Eat can what you want!
  • Spread whatever pandemic God has plagued the earth with.
  • Live mask free! No one is going to tell you to wear a mask in public.
  • Unless it’s to hide your face when you wear your MAGA hat, with your camouflage, carrying your pimped up rifles to protest tyranny.
    • You are free to do anything you feel impelled to do, (if you’re a white man.) It is your Trump/God-given, constitutional right. No matter if you’ve never read the Bible or the Constitution, you ‘know these truths to be self-evident, because you read something on Facebook!
  • Irony is rampant. These are the days of projection and mind-controlling propaganda. Please look up the word Tyranny before you put it on a sign because your leader is the definition of a tyrant. (You might want to look up all the words you put on your signs.)
  • I have wandered off the yellow brick road. My topic today is that I don’t care what you eat. That said, (what people say when they’re about to contradict what they just said,) don’t you think eating meat, at this point in U.S. history, is a little risky? I’m not talking about your heart health, constipation, or having an angry vegan (I’m not angry) interrupt your meal to inform you of the atrocities your meal suffered before it was murdered and put on your plate.

    I’m talking about the sociopath in the White House who has eliminated all oversight of the meat industry, an industry more corrupt than most people are aware.

    A few weeks ago, results of tests among workers at a meat processing facility in the Georgetown area, showed over 30 percent of the workers were positive for Covid19. (BTW, 30% is a lot.)

    In fact, all *beef plants across the country have reported mass outbreaks of Covid19.

    *beef plant is an oxymoron- this ‘plant’ is a building, not a vegetable.

    Big names in the meat industry: Tyson and Sussex, Smithfield Farms, Purdue, (where employees walked out in demonstration against unsafe working conditions that increase workers’ risk of exposure,) have tested with similar results.

    Many of these ‘plants’ closed for two weeks. But when you start cutting into profits, industry leaders will find justification to re-open.

    ‘Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 associated with food,’ ~statement put out by the USDA

    It’s hard to find evidence of anything when you don’t allow inspection or testing.

    ‘We want to reassure consumers that there is currently no evidence of human or animal food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.’~The FDA

    They don’t care about their employees, but they want to assure you their meat can not transmit the virus.

    Trump has allowed meat packing companies to resume their work by implementing the ‘Defense Production Act.’

    The Defense Production Act was created in 1950 to facilitate the production of goods and services necessary for national security, and for other purposes. 🤔

    No procedures have changed and nothing has been done to prevent the virus from spreading among plant workers as it had been.

    This is along the lines of re-opening states without implementing testing or enforcing social distancing. Our Putin installed president only cares about how his re-election will be affected by the failed economy. 20% of the population is now unemployed, and the stock market has fallen to the levels of 2008.

    FauxPotus doesn’t care about the 64,000 lost American lives, he cares about his re-election. He doesn’t care if you lost your job and may lose your home; he doesn’t think you deserve your health insurance and he wants your social security canceled. What he cares about is his re-election. Say it with me: “He doesn’t care about us.”

    The beef industry today is reminiscent of the tobacco industry in days of yore. (I use that phrase when I’m too lazy to research actual dates.) There is a mobster mentality, in this industry where vocal protestors are ‘disappeared’ after outing the destruction of rainforests. The flattened land is used to grow grain to feed flatulent cows. The amount of grain produced and fed to livestock could feed everyone on the planet several times over, but instead, the grain goes to cows- that can only feed a fraction of the population, leaving millions of people to starve.

    The loss of trees and other vegetation in the rainforest contributes to climate change at a rate higher than pollution caused by any other source, including the fuel industry. Desertification, soil erosion, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, can all be attributed to the meat industry.

    “Cowspiracy” (👈🏻 please watch the trailer,) is a documentary that does a better job illustrating this information than I do. There are no graphic animal torture scenes in this film; it covers the unscrupulous business tactics used by the meat industry to hide information.

    Back to the star of today’s shit show, Don-the Con. By implementing the ‘Defense Production Act,’ classifying meat processing as ‘critical infrastructure,’ to try to prevent a shortage of chicken, pork, and other meat on supermarket shelves, he is overreaching his power again. He is doing this all for personal gain, not because he wants you to have a grilled steak on Memorial Day. (He has no idea what Memorial Day is in commemoration of.) He would choose a country whose population is plagued with scurvy, caused by eating nothing but gruel three times a day if he could make a buck.

    We have established that it is a free country, (except for the caged children who seek asylum along our southern borders,) so I’ll get to my point.

    As I said, I don’t care what you eat. But you should care. That’s it.

    As I promised to end my posts on a happy note, here is a photo of one of my three dogs. Grendel- a stud rescued from a puppy mill. Adopt, don’t shop-

    ”I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.” ~Bill Gates

    I’m qualified for that job, Mr.Gates!

    9 thoughts on “Save our Hamberders; Implement the ‘Defense Protection Act!’

    1. It’s really, really unfortunate that the ‘world’ isn’t ‘fair’ or ‘just’; discerning people, informed people, people with a little common-sense KNOW to shop local, read labels, avoid ‘fake-food’ (processed), eat balanced meals, get exercise and fresh air and plenty of sleep, avoid or reduce the amount of (any) meat you consume, etc. etc. You’d think that we’d be the ones that are healthy and survive but the facts prove this is untrue. Professionally speaking, the most unhealthy people live the longest (I consider it a form of preservation (alcohol, drugs or fake-food induced) and/or combined with adaptation like, say, a virus. It’s the same with bullies or greedy people; they are the ones who ‘get what they want’ and ‘never pay the price’. I can understand why people have become self-serving and apathetic (or even sadistic) where other people (‘they’) are concerned: if the way of the world favors the bullies, the liars, the thieves, the abusers, misogynists, racists, etc. – when in Rome. There is no collective consciousness anymore; it’s individual. Your life is what you make it and to hell with what’s best (for everyone). I do not think that this is going to change. I think we need a (bigger) catastrophe (than a pandemic and worldwide pollution and famine and genocide). WE humans are too stupid to live.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Well said, but very sad. I agree life isn’t fair and people change.

        It is hard to teach children to be kind and honest and admit their mistakes when liars aren’t punished but are often rewarded instead. Nice guys do most finish often last; Trump is proof of that. Do honest people sleep better at night, or do they stay up thinking about injustice? Empathy can be a curse.

        (I never did thank you for the work you do in the medical profession, so, thank you!) I have to defer to you regarding statistics of death rates among people who take care of themselves vs. those who are pickling themselves with alcohol and chemicals. To each his own.

        I only know that my quality of life is better when I’m not hungover, and I eat what I want to eat, which just happens to be plant-based. I feel sick if I eat junk. There is vegan junk food.
        I know I can’t save the planet but I can live my best life, and I can help a few animals along the way.

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        1. Re: pickled people: they’re quality of life is not good but they are also the very same people who depend (insist) upon the medical ‘system’ to fix what ails them so they can return home to do more of the same. I’m with you: I sleep well (most of the time), I don’t suffer guilt nor fear reprisals from any chicanery. I may die young or be murdered by the increasing vigilantism or anarchy but, c’est la vie, we all die eventually; living longer isn’t necessarily (in the future) going to be a win.

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