Alex Acosta Ablaze

While I finished up my post on Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein yesterday, Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, was giving a press conference. The reason for the meeting, one would imagine, was to fight the fire that was lit by the fearlessness and hard work of Miami Herald Reporter, Julie K Brown. Her flare caught the public eye, whose alarm was heard by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

Alex Accosta, in 2007 was the Florida state attorney who slapped Epstein on the wrist for sex trafficking girls. As Individual 1’s Secretary of Labor, Acosta was working to minimize the crime of sex trafficking and cut funding by 80%— until he smelled his own burning flesh.

Now that he has been outed, and calls for his removal have been heard loud and clear, the time had come to assess and minimize the damage.

Acosta is a stooge, and orange Hitler ”feels badly for him.” Acosta’s briefing only fueled the fire smoldering among the public. I’ll cut to the chase and let you peruse the links below for details.

Acosta does not apologize to the victims; he blames them. He doesn’t want you to sympathize with him for his poor judgment; he wants you to thank him, all hail the pedophile-enabling hero.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess there is a money trail that leads to Alex Acosta, but where does it originate?

No consequences have been dealt his way yet, but in my opinion, firing and disbarring Acosta is not enough; there needs to be an investigation.

I think it’s safe to say Epstein is going to die in jail. Even his one time good friend, the unindicted co-conspirator in-chief, has backed away without defending him. He says they had a falling out and haven’t spoken in 15 years. The reason for the falling out might be found in testimony by a woman who says both Trump and Epstein violently raped her.

I’m ending here. Too much of this. Hug your children.

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