Epstein Never Stopped Preying on Girls and Young Women

Old news, we all knew this, but let’s review: Ten years ago when Jeffrey Epstein should have received a life sentence for his repeated sex-crimes against young girls, he was given a plea deal by Alex Acosta who was then U.S. States Attorney in Miami. The deal included exoneration for any others (who?) involved in … Continue reading Epstein Never Stopped Preying on Girls and Young Women

Epstein Found Semi-Consious

Convicted sex offender and accused child sex trafficker/pedophile rapist, Jeffrey Epstein, jailed since July 6, was found in his Manhattan prison cell last night: "injured and in a fetal position, semi-conscious, with marks around his neck." No one cares, but there is a widespread debate underway on the topic of what exactly happened and why. … Continue reading Epstein Found Semi-Consious

Acosta Resigns

No deals for pedophiles Individual 1’s Labor Secretary, pedophile enabler extraordinaire, Alex Acosta, resigned this morning conceding to unrelenting demands by everyone— except the GOP and their pretender president. The timing of this resignation could not be better, as Accosta’s pet project was to reduce funding to fight sex trafficking by 80%, and to limit … Continue reading Acosta Resigns

Alex Acosta Ablaze

While I finished up my post on Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein yesterday, Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, was giving a press conference. The reason for the meeting, one would imagine, was to fight the fire that was lit by the fearlessness and hard work of Miami Herald Reporter, Julie K Brown. Her flare caught the public … Continue reading Alex Acosta Ablaze

Epstein, Acosta, Barr, and the Unindicted-Co-Conspirator

It was surprising when Attorney General Bill Barr recused himself from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case early Tuesday morning. Barr is unethical, but conflicts of interest haven't stopped him yet. In the 1980s, Bill Barr’s father hired Epstein, a college dropout, to teach math at Dalton, a prep school in New York. More recently, Epstein … Continue reading Epstein, Acosta, Barr, and the Unindicted-Co-Conspirator

Epstein’s Bail Hearing Adjourned Until Thursday

U S v Jeffrey Epstein Indictment The new indictment for well-connected billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been made public. It charges Epstein with sex trafficking underage girls, cites three victims, and three employees, who scheduled his meetings with the victims, and describes the methods of Epstein’s abuse. The offenses allegedly occurred between 2002-2005 at his … Continue reading Epstein’s Bail Hearing Adjourned Until Thursday