Supremely Corrupt Justice Thomas

The only way to remove a U.S. Supreme Court Justice is impeachment. Now it is public knowledge that Clarence Thomas has taken bribery for decades. His refusal to recuse himself from cases involving the 1/6 attack on the Capitol, despite his wife’s role in planning for that attack, has been noticed. Much of the country … Continue reading Supremely Corrupt Justice Thomas

Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

What the Hell is going on in New York? [click click click] This is what I’ve learned. Stormy Daniels has offered additional evidence, texts and emails, from 2018, between herself and Trump’s new attorney. She had met with Joe Tacopina when she was seeking representation. This likely creates a conflict of interests. Jo Tacopina … Continue reading Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

Presidents: Good vs. Evil, Bravery vs. Cowardice One year ago today, Putin waged an unprovoked (“3-day special military operation” 🙄) war against Ukraine. That is how long he said it would take to conquer Kyiv. Putin, not of sound mind, assumed his control over Donald Trump meant he was strong. Ukraine has taught him otherwise, proving to be a formidable opponent. … Continue reading Presidents: Good vs. Evil, Bravery vs. Cowardice

McCarthy’s Integrity in Exchange for Votes

This is a continuation of my last post, written in the afternoon hours of 1/6. It was after midnight when the 14th attempt to elect a new Speaker of the House ended with the same result as the previous 13. Kevin McCarthy is a historic loser. A failure whose legacy will be hard to beat. … Continue reading McCarthy’s Integrity in Exchange for Votes

Lordy, There are Tapes

I’m going to make a prediction. Donald Trump’s lifelong crime spree has run its course. Karma’s perfect storm is building. From E. Jean Carroll’s defamation civil lawsuit, the criminal election interference charges looming in Georgia, the civil tax evasion and fraud case in New York that come with a recommendation for criminal charges, and Merrick … Continue reading Lordy, There are Tapes

A Week for the Good Guys

America’s war between decency and corruption seems to have taken a turn. The good guy has had a winning week. It’s been a long time coming, so enjoy. Last year: Parents goaded by GOP rhetoric sued Merrick Garland over a memorandum he issued to school boards. The memo referenced “an alarming spike in harassment, intimidation, … Continue reading A Week for the Good Guys