Acosta Resigns

No deals for pedophiles

Individual 1’s Labor Secretary, pedophile enabler extraordinaire, Alex Acosta, resigned this morning conceding to unrelenting demands by everyone— except the GOP and their pretender president.

The timing of this resignation could not be better, as Accosta’s pet project was to reduce funding to fight sex trafficking by 80%, and to limit victims rights to retaliate. Hmm, why would he do that?

I don’t know if you saw his ”I’m the hero in this story” press conference on Wednesday, but he didn’t sell it to the crowd. Acosta gave immunity to co-conspirators in a sex trafficking network 12 years ago. He buried information linking the participation of prominent politicians, business leaders, attorneys, and others. His deal specified that the terms were ”global” implying that the agreement granted Epstein and his co-conspirators immunity from further prosecution anywhere on this planet. And, he sealed all documents related to the case.

Epstein’s jail sentence terms— not only did his chauffeur pick him up six mornings a week from his county jail suite, for his 12-hour work break, but he was also allowed to travel to the Virgin Islands and New York during his 13-month ”incarceration.” Sign me up for some of that jail time.

Acosta’s Palm Beach deal blindsided Thirty-nine victims. What Epstein’s lawyers negotiated with federal prosecutors was sealed so that no one — not even Epstein’s victims knew the full scope of his crimes.

Investigative reporter for the Miami Herald, Julie Brown is the real hero in this story. She found more than 80 victims whose experiences with Epstein lined up.

*The Miami Herald story ”Perversion of Justice,” by Julie Brown published on November 28, 2019, was the catalyst for reopening this case.

South Florida Breaking News, Sports & Crime | Miami Herald

After the Miami Herald story broke, a judge threw out the Epstein/Acosta agreement, ordered documents unsealed, and the case is now in the hands of federal courts in Southern District of New York with victims who were not involved in the previous lawsuit.

I want to throw a couple of statistics at you to illustrate the magnitude of Acosta’s deal:

  • Only one of ten cases of child sexual abuse are reported to law enforcement.
  • The rate of repeat offenses for child sex offenders is as high as 80%. That number reflects reported crimes, not real numbers.

Today over 100 women had come forward to say Epstein assaulted them when they were children. Based on the statistics listed above, it would be safe to bet the real number of victims is at least 1000.

More in common among these victims is that they have all been threatened, as have their families, and attorneys. Some report having been driven off the road by people on Epstein’s payroll.

Victims say Epstein brought in girls to abuse from Russia, South America, Europe, including three 12-year-old girls brought from France as a birthday gift.

Don-the-con’s propaganda machine is hard at work trying to implicate everyone he considers an enemy, but they fail to mention his involvement.

The following is an affidavit from one of Epstein’s recruiters who verifies a victim’s claim that blotus45 and Epstein raped her when she was 13.

When Epstein was asked under oath whether or not he had ever “socialized” with dRump with underage girls — he pleaded the Fifth.

How many girls did Epstein molest after Acosta signed that plea deal?

A neighbor of Epstein’s Paris apartment attests to seeing young girls entering his apartment.

Acosta can’t be let off this easy. He must be investigated for criminal conspiracy and for his violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

Epstein’s lawyers, who include Ken Starr, the former special council who impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a consensual sex act with an adult, are arguing for Epsteins release while he awaits trial, in exchange they’re offering to turn over a passport, an airplane, and the deed to his home. They promise he’ll wear an ankle bracelet.

No deals for pedophiles, please.

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6 thoughts on “Acosta Resigns

  1. I wish I thought this was a turning of the tide instead of an attempt to get the media off the story. We all need to buy and read newspapers. They seem to be the only real (not sensation driven) journalists still out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mainstream media is easily distracted and they report as if 45 is a legitimate POTUS.
      Those who report the truth are considered ”radical.”
      Investigative journalists who work for Politico, the Daily Beast, the Atlantic, the Miami Herald, etc. — are very good, but their reports are largely ignored.
      The general public doesn’t pay attention. That’s why this administration’s approval ratings aren’t lower.
      I often think I write about what people know. I read everything and write my opinions. But my opinions are based on what other people have investigated and reported. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.
      But yesterday, my young adult daughter told me that her boyfriend didn’t know about family separations at the border. She occasionally tells him what I write about, and he is always shocked. He never heard about any of it. I know he isn’t the only one.
      The world knows what’s happening in America, but many Americans don’t.
      We all have to keep talking about this until everyone listens.

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      1. I appreciate your posts, which collect the information together.
        I think one of the problems is the constant barrage (intentional I believe) of outrages from the border situation to actual treason and distractions of various people, like that Apprentice woman, that seem so well timed to attract media attention away from serious subjects that I figure they must be getting paid for it.
        It is like living in a war zone where you get immune to the shock of the bombs going off.

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  2. That is tough reading, hard to believe anyone can get away with so much, and the implication that the current POTUS was involved makes me feel sick.

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