Trump Shows Us Who He Is

On June 12, 2019, Donald J Trump told George Stephanopoulos, on camera, he would accept information offered by any foreign adversary, (North Korea, China, Russia), to use against a political opponent.

Trump would welcome help from a hostile power to stay in office, including hacked materials. He said it on camera.

He appears to have started his impeachment hearings without Congress.

Trump has been showing us who he is for decades, okay, over half a century, but this,

[pause to run hands through hair, vigorously shake head, run outside and scream at sky as shards of rain pelt my tear stained face- I’m back, I’m fine],

this is an admission of intent to commit treason— again. BELIEVE HIM.

Our unapologetic dictator tries to normalize his confession:

*Whales do not have a prince; maybe he meant Wales, or perhaps he knows something we don’t.

Trump hears the cries for impeachment and responds with a quote:

It’s a sad day when you admit on national television that you have no problem conspiring against the United States with a foreign adversary, (after having denied that the same charge for two and a half years,) and your only defense is to quote your pedophile party friend’s pedophile lawyer.

In the same interview:

“I like the truth. I’m a very honest guy.” ~Donald Trump

If he says so, it must be true. He told us he would welcome foreign interference; he plans to cheat again. BELIEVE HIM. Russia will reelect Trump and his GOP enablers.

We can not count on a fair election to vote out people whom we did not vote in.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Donald Trump is a threat to our national security.

Tomorrow is Donald Trump’s birthday. The perfect gift for someone who has (stolen) everything: tiny gold handcuffs.

Throw away the key.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents

10 thoughts on “Trump Shows Us Who He Is

  1. It is we who seem to have the handcuffs on. Why can they not stop this man? Why could they not stop Hitler for so long? Too many collaborators. Too many bleating sheep wanting to be lead no matter that their leader is leading them over a cliff. We write and we write. But the Internet gives equal credence to all, whether they speak the truth or not. Our leader tweets and the flock follows.

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    1. Most shocking to me- we watch Trump kidnap and cage children! Where is the outrage?
      I wish the UN would step in.
      Too many Americans don’t know what’s happening, or they don’t care because it doesn’t affect them. 👈 This is disgusting.
      This plan of Putin’s has taken years of planning to set into motion. There are enablers planted in every branch of government, including the Supreme Court. The good guys, including Mueller, need to start fighting back.

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      1. People in the US don’t see this for what it is. I am an extremist, an alarmist in the eyes of many among family and friends, and they’re Democrats. People are busy with their lives; the media has normalized so much of this. We are the frog in the heating pot of water.


      2. I agree.. that is the most distressful of all, and now we villify those who do practice mercy. I think the antichrist has come and is calling itself Christ! That religious people should celebrate bringing Christ back into the Whitehouse is blasphemy of the worst sort. It is the era of “Say what you are and you are. Your deeds need not support what you say you are. To say it is enough.” This caging of children and separation from their parents is the worst…

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  2. Anything to win. That’s his motto. Because if you don’t win, you’re a loser and no one respects a loser. Once you win, you can get away with anything. He proves it daily. No one stops him. Why? Because they’re scared of losing too.

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    1. Trump’s putting the Onion out of business because you can’t parody a parody. He’d be entertaining if he weren’t so dangerous. I was glad he specified the Queen of England is from the UK. 🙄

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