Barr is Still Protecting Trump

(👇🏼a limerick, followed by a summary, followed by links to reports.)

Bill Barr works for Trump, he’s gone unchecked

Re-writing Mueller’s report, to protect

A futile attempt

No one is exempt

Mueller will have his day, I suspect


I’ll attempt to summarize leaks made to The NY Times, by anonymous sources, in my own words:

The Mueller report states, in essentials, Donald Trump is, and has been, manipulated by a foreign power, but is far too stupid to meet the “specific intent requirement of the U.S. criminal code.”

Not guilty by reason of stupidity.

But, the report does not exonerate Trump, and in no way implies his behavior has not met the standards required in other aspects of the investigation.

The report does not dismiss Trump’s crime of obstruction of justice.

Additionally, Trump’s financial crimes (there are many) have been Turned over to state courts, where his presidential pardoning power can not be argued to protect him.

What is Barr is covering up:

  • “detailed accounts of Trump campaign contacts with Russia”
  • “campaign whose members were manipulated by a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation.”


    “Investigators in the Russia probe had told associates the full findings of the confidential report are not properly portrayed in Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary

    It’s been my assumption that a 400-page report has an executive summary already, and so of course it begged the question— Why did Barr feel the need to release his own summary? Why didn’t he release a summary produced by Bob Mueller?” ~Adam Schiff

    I don’t think it’s okay either.

    Collusion Doesn’t Have to be Criminal to be an Ongoing Threat – Just Security

    Barr Looks Like He’s Trying to Protect Trump, Not Get Out the Mueller Report

    Some on Mueller team say evidence against Trump stronger than Barr disclosed

    AG Barr did ‘the wrong thing — in the wrong way’ and no longer deserves benefit of the doubt: Former federal prosecutor

    Republicans vote against motion to subpoena Mueller report after calling for its release – ThinkProgress

    Senate Republicans can’t explain why they keep blocking a resolution calling for the release of the Mueller report

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