Biden Under Attack

The irony of the mode of attack against one of the democrats who is currently considered a threat to win the 2020 presidency, should he decide to run, is astounding.…

Joe Biden is a fighter on behalf of women.

    He created the violence against women’s act,
    He started the “It’s On Us” campaign to fight on campus sex assault.
    In the 90’s he worked to recruit women to run for Senate
    He has urged women to join the Judiciary Committee.
  • I dont know who put together this collage of Biden displaying the same “too huggy” behavior toward men, but it proves the point.

    In contrast, we have Donald Trump who, by his own admission, has committed sexual assault, has been formally accused of child rape, and of assault by over 20 other women… but no one cares about that.

    The incongruity of the accusations against Joe Biden, being “too huggy,” is beyond comprehension.

    Biden comes from the generation of politicians kissing babies on the campaign trail. He DOES need to moderate his behavior, but I don’t believe for a minute that he meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable or that he was making sexual advances.


    The following is former Senator Jean Carnahan’s account of her experience with Joe Biden:

    “I worked with Joe Biden in the U.S. Senate. I’d like to share some thoughts about my time with him.

    I arrived in the U.S. Senate after losing my husband and son in a plane crash weeks earlier. As I stepped down from the platform, where I was sworn in by Vice President Gore, waiting at the landing was Joe Biden.

    Joe had entered the Senate in 1973, weeks after experiencing the loss of his wife and daughter in a car crash. Joe didn’t know me, only my loss during the final days of the 2000 campaign for the Senate seat in Missouri.

    Joe took both of my hands in his and looked me in the eye for a long while before he spoke. He said simply, “I know, I know.” For a brief moment we were two souls joined by a loss that changed our lives. After that, Joe would often pause to ask how I was getting along.

    It was his empathy and encouragement more than that of any of my colleagues, that gave me strength to meet each day. And, yes, I sometimes, got a shoulder pat or even a head kiss. Joe has a deep desire to share in the lives of others—their grief, pain, and joy.

    He reaches out through the human touch to connect and express those feelings. As Mother Teresa said, “People have forgotten what the human touch is, what it is to smile, for somebody to recognize them, somebody to wish them well.”

    Joe has not forgotten this; it’s part of who he is. Like everything else about his big, Irish personality, he expresses those feelings with exuberance and sincerity.

    It’s been said that healing from a loss is like having a pebble in your shoe. It’s always there, but you keep on walking. Joe, keep on walking. Our country needs a little humanity right now.”

    ~ Jean Carnahan, former US Senator, St Lois, MO

    Joe Biden is a good guy.

    These hypocritical political attacks are pure propaganda. It will be aimed at whom ever is polling well. See it for what it is. They are a reflection of those who create it and put it out there.

    Lucy Flores with Bernie Sanders
    This all started with Lucy Flores, a woman on the staff of another presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders. It was a baseless political based attack. She said he was overly friendly, not in a sexual way, but it made her feel uncomfortable.


    4 thoughts on “Biden Under Attack

    1. Here’s my take-away: our culture is SO sterile! Immunizations (for the flue, pneumonia, etc.), NO touching of any kind without permission – if you know someone well enough, No prolonged eye-contact – it’s threatening, and on and on. We are so stupid that we wonder why we fear EVERYTHING.

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      1. I think you’re right. I feel bad for Biden. I guess this is just more of the ugly politics we’ve been living experiencing. I hope these last couple of years are a catalyst for change. We aren’t a civil society.

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        1. We are, as a Brit has said, a paranoid culture. The world does not admire or envy us – our egos tell us differently but we are, collectively, delusional. I suspect (hope) that the current administration has been a catalyst for change; a ‘wake-up’ for those of us who have believed that we are ‘civilized’ and ‘the best’…I hope that the winds-of-change (such as the African-American Gay Woman newly elected Mayor of Chicago April 2) continue sweeping across the country throughout 2020.

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    2. I’m not sure what to make of the situation. I wouldn’t vote for Biden anyway. While I appreciate the experiences of Jean Carnahan, her words don’t negate the experiences of other women.

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