Barr’s Interpretation of the Mueller Report is Just That

Bill Barr has turned out to be exactly what we were afraid he might be, another Trump enabler. Barr is protecting Trump. With the release of his version of Robert Mueller’s report, he’s stated that, if he does release the Mueller’s report, it will be redacted in such a way that anything negative regarding Trump will not be seen. This is propaganda by definition, misleading and biased.

*See the Bloomberg story attached.

Barr also quoted Robert Mueller:

“While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Regardless, gave their story the following headline:

“Mueller Finds No Trump Collusion; Barr Sees No Obstruction Case”

Those are Bill Barr’s words. Barr’s interpretation of Mueller’s, words are not the same as Mueller’s words.

We deserve to make the determination ourselves, by having access the report we (tax payers) funded.

Incidentally, Bloomberg again shows bias in reporting by claiming the investigation cost tax payers $25 million. They fail to mention the fact that the investigation actually turned a profit when Paul Manafort’s assets were seized. Forfeiture of his real estate and cash is estimated to be between $42- $46 million.

Mueller Finds No Trump Collusion; Barr Sees No Obstruction Case

Congress has issued a subpoena for the full report and to question Robert Mueller himself. We have a democratic majority House investigating this.

This is not how we wanted the Trump/Russia investigation to end, but this is not the end. The fat lady has not sung. This is intermission. Act 2 starts tomorrow.

Let’s forget Barr for now and take a look at the SDNY:

The Southern District of New York has retained attorney Audrey Strauss.

She defeated Roy Cohn, Trump’s first mentor. She’s been called a mob buster. Since that success, she has had an aggressive focus on white collar criminals.

Additionally, Robert Mueller has turned over much of his information to the New York State Attorney General, for good reason. Crimes under state jurisdiction render Trump’s power to pardon impotent. That is the likeliest reason Mueller did not issue indictments for Trump’s family members.

DC, EDNY, EDVA are more jurisdictions where the Trumps may pay for their crimes, like their comrades:

Rick Gates case was transferred to DC,

Michael Flynn was sent to EDVA & DC,

Michael Cohen was sent to SDNY,

Stone’s indictment was sent to DC.

Justice will be served.

Let’s just wait for the fat lady. Let the process play out.

This is not over.

SDNY Makes a Major Move to Prosecute the Trump Crime Family

Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy but stops shorts of exonerating president on obstruction of justice – The New York Times

2 thoughts on “Barr’s Interpretation of the Mueller Report is Just That

  1. Whether or not the report is made open to the public it needs to be given to Congress so they can enact laws to prevent future meddling by foreign interests. Any Congress member who voices opposition to that should be investigated.

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