Mueller’s Report: No One Knows… a poem


Mueller’s report has been turned in, at last

On Trump’s Russia treason, the probe was vast

What was investigated? This we know:

Mueller found much and shared procured info



Treason, beyond Russia, to entertain:

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain

Qatar, Israel, and the UAE,

Played part in this widespread conspiracy



Trump’s crimes, Mueller shared his gains

The Southern District of New York— remains

And Virginia’s Eastern District Court too

Financial crimes, RICO, fraud, the probe grew


“No further indictments” doesn’t account

For all Mueller shared it’s a large amount

Not to mention the sealed indictments filed

Plea deal inquests, several, all compiled


Trump tries to distract with his insane rants

He’ll claim to know he’s been cleared, but he can’t

We know less today than we knew before

It’s not over, we should expect much more



We wait for Attorney General Bill Barr

To sum up Mueller’s work, that won’t go far

The report’s been subpoenaed by Congress

No one knows the future, we only guess


My big hope lays in AG William Barr

That he’s not who Trump thinks, but Bob Muller

Planted him there, and he’s a patriot

In place to take down traitor idiot

Robert Barr and Robert Mueller, 1991

5 thoughts on “Mueller’s Report: No One Knows… a poem

    1. That’s a good point. It’s just my wish that he’s part of Mueller’s “long game”, but highly unlikely.
      In any event, I do expect SDNY to step up now that they’ve been passed the baton.
      Also, I mentioned “sealed indictments”, but according to several reports, they do not exist. It’s possible all the sealed indictments have been unsealed, or maybe passed on to state jurisdictions. We know this much for sure— 1 person convicted at trial, 5 people sentenced to prison, (at least 3 are cooperating with the investigation), 7 people pleaded guilty, 37-people or entities charged, 199 overall criminal counts.”
      This CNN story is continually updated—

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