More on the Barr Report

Donald Trump says he’s been cleared. DonaldTrump is a liar, but we knew that.

Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report leaves more questions than it answers. He expects us to accept his version and forget the whole thing, it’s not going to happen.

1. Why did Mueller say he wasn’t able to “exonerate” Trump?

2. Why would Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopouls, get such generous plea deals if there was nothing there?

3. Why did Trump Jr lie about the Russia meeting?

4. Did Trump know that Russia was cheating for him?

We WILL get those answers and more, because:

The House Judiciary Committee has just requested Robert Mueller’s full report and for Attorney General Barr to appear before them for questioning. (He’s in trouble now.) They will use subpoena power if necessary.

Nadler: We can’t rely on what may be a hasty, partisan interpretation of facts

5 thoughts on “More on the Barr Report

    1. Barr carefully worded his report to protect himself. He had to know he’d have to answer for it. It’s fiction. He probably didn’t expect it to happen almost immediately. Congress voted unanimously (almost never happens) that they want the full, unaltered report. He has to sit in the hot seat now.

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  1. If the worst allegation around the steel dossier (if I am writing that properly), if the significance of the steel dossier lacked evidence of wrongdoing, it became irrelevant if anything else contained there was incriminating.


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