Mueller’s Report, Coming Soon

Widespread reports circulating indicate Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General, Bill Barr, expects to have Robert Mueller’s completed report next week.

Completion of the Mueller report is seemingly confirmed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s resignation, effective “in the coming weeks”. Rosenstein had previously stated he would step down from his position once the Mueller report was completed.

Since Robert Mueller is required to turn his report over, when completed, to Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General, let’s consider who that guy is:

  • Last year Barr penned a 20 page memo criticizing the Mueller investigation, accusing him of partisanship.
  • Barr has a history of defending Trump.
  • Barr endorsed the firing of James Comey.
    Barr called for investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
  • The million dollar question is– how will this play out? Who knows? I can only say what I’d like to see happen.
  • In a perfect world there would never have been a President Trump but, not only is it not a perfect world, it’s a pretty shitty world lately, so I’d be very happy with my second choice…
  • Prologue: a flurry of indictments dropped, indictment Friday on steroids. These indictments include, but are not limited to Don Jr, Jarvanka, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, the whole GOP/Trump gang, all the best people… even Barr.

    Act I: Bob Mueller turns over his report to Deputy AG Rosenstein, who turns it over to congress and immediately releases it to the public.

    Act II: President Pelosi shows no mercy. Trump’s orange skin fades to pasty gray, hair glue dissolves rendering him bald, and they all die in prison after decades of suffering without grooming products.

    I never get what I want. This is more likely to happen:

  • Barr has said “soon after” he receives Special Counsel Mueller’s report he will submit it to congress. He clarified that he might instead write his own version of the report and turn that over to congress in lieu of the actual report we all want to see… unredacted.

  • Barr, Trump’s brand spanking newly appointed AG, might instead hold onto the report indefinitely. Congress would fight it, but that would take time. Theoretically, the public may never see it.
  • There are so many ways this could disappoint. Why wait? I’m disappointed now.
  • ~

    *Another thought,👇🏼 Part 2.👇🏼

    Mueller’s Report Coming Soon, Part 2… a limerick


    DOJ to announce end of Mueller investigation as early as next week: CNN

    Ex-Russia inquiry chief Rod Rosenstein ‘plans to resign’

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    2 thoughts on “Mueller’s Report, Coming Soon

    1. I don’t know why but I too feel disappointed, if what you say is true and this report can be suppressed or altered in any way doesn’t bear thinking about.

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