Mueller’s Report Coming Soon, Part 2… a limerick

An amendment to yesterday’s post.

Just a thought, what I’d like to see most

My fantasy

A conspiracy

Mueller planted Barr, Trump is burnt toast

*link to yesterday’s post👇🏼

4 thoughts on “Mueller’s Report Coming Soon, Part 2… a limerick

    1. I have to respectfully disagree.
      I think it will be damning, but if nothing comes of it we can thank Trump’s conspirators. IMO Mitch McConnell is the only reason Trump isn’t already in jail.
      There might be a problem with how the report is perceived by the public. Trump has done so much that we’ve become desensitized by it. We are like the frog in the slow boiling water. The shock value won’t be there… but Trump has been on a lifelong crime spree and Mueller is good at his job.
      We’ll find out soon who is right. I hope it’s me. 😉

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