Many Thanks Donald, for the Women

“No-one has benefited more from our thriving economy than women who filled 58% of the newly created jobs last year.…” ~Donald J Trump, during his last State of the Union Address

In response, the group of newly appointed women of congress in the audience stood applauding and cheering each other chanting: “USA! USA!”

“…And exactly one century after Congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before.” ~Donald J Trump, during his last State of the Union Address

Our narcissist in chief thought the women in the crowd were applauding him, of course, and said “thank you.”

You’ve got to give Donald Trump a pat on the back for taking credit for the record number of women and minorities elected in 2018.

I’d say he’s got some big balls, but Speaker Pelosi was wearing them, fashioned as a necklace, and they’re just orange and shriveled. I personally would have made earrings, but I like the necklace.

I’d like to thank Donald too. Thank’s for being the zenith of misogyny, a superlative racist among racists, a catalyst for women of all nationalities, religions and colors, impelling them to take control away from the lying old white men who are in politics for personal gain. Thank you for motivating enough women to see to the end of the GOP.

Later, one of Trump’s employees tweeted the following, comparing these women to the KKK:

A lesson in history might help her understand the message behind the new representatives decision to wear white to the State of the Union Address.

The Woman Suffrage Movement

I have to admit I did not watch Trump as he lied about: the border, immigration, crime, jobs, wages, the economy, unemployment, estate tax, energy, tariffs, NAFTA, etc. I won’t apologize, I can not watch him, or listen to his voice without wrenching. I’ve read transcripts.

“An economic miracle is taking place in the United States — & the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations. If there is going to be peace & legislation, there cannot be war & investigation.” ~Same Asshole

The above quote was one his first statements. A not so subtle threat that unless the Russia investigation ends, he will not sign any legislation. One can imagine he means another government shutdown.

Nancy just laughed… she’ll be a great POTUS 46.

“Let’s be clear: voter suppression is real. From making it harder to register and stay on the rolls to moving and closing polling places to rejecting lawful ballots, we can no longer ignore these threats to democracy.” ~Stacy Abrams

The Democratic response to Trump’s speech, was a breath of fresh air. Stacy Edwards acts as a reminder that change is coming, and the blind greed among the GOP and Trump’s White House will be their demise.

3 thoughts on “Many Thanks Donald, for the Women

  1. Do you think he believes his own lies or is he just so arrogant that he doesn’t care? That is a great photograph of the ladies applauding each other.

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    1. He’s so smug and proud of himself, I think he believes people love him, and are willing to believe whatever he says. I still can not believe this is happening. We all see him for what he is, we see his crimes, his abuse of children, treason, financial crimes, but no one is ending it. I don’t get it.

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  2. I don’t think he gets it before he says stuff. But sometimes the response, or lack wakes him up.
    I wish people would counter his “build a wall” with “forget the stupid wall and trade wars, let’s build the future”, and propose funding research at universities and scholarships.

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