“That Would be Hard”

This, the pro life party’s response

To the question:

Where are all those children

You held detention?

Those kidnapped by ice,

Not returned to their parents

There may be one or two

Imposing impairments

TRUMP’s White House,

According to the ACLU

Filed documents on Friday

That do not dispute

Recent reports stating

There may have been thousands

More migrant children kidnapped,

But none of it planned

They argue however,

It would take far too long

To find those children,

Discover where they belong

We chip pets,

But migrant children weren’t a concern

They kept no records,

They didn’t intend their return

Trump does not see refugees

For what they are

Which is suffering human beings

Who’ve traveled far

Seeking asylum,

A future for their children

This White House

Factory for monsters and villains

This government shrugs,

“Can’t easily find” the lost

Thousands kidnapped…

Some were sold by Betsy Devos

“Adopted” them out,

Peoples children, for profit

Bethany Christian Services,

Cloaked black market

No background checks

For prison guards called caregivers

Undisguised indifference:

A clue Trump delivers:

A phrase that has come to

Define Donald Trump’s words:

Each Accusation a Confession

What you’ve heard:

He claims migrants are

Behind mass human trafficking

What does Trump know

About these children vanishing?

“Women and children,

Duct taped, thrown in vans” he’s said

That’s specific, for an idea

In his hollow head

Let’s ask Stephan Miller

And Kirstjen Nielsen, why?

It’s hard to find thousands of kids

When they don’t try.

Congress will question

The White House on this matter:

February 21~

(The Hague trial, much later)


Shelters holding nearly 15,000 migrant children near capacity

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