Trump’s Crimes Against Humanity

Whether you sleep in a homeless shelter, trailer home, a one bedroom apartment with five roommates, or a sprawling mansion, it is easy to forget the less fortunate, and there are always people less fortunate than most Americans. Currently, there are at approximately fifteen thousand migrants under the age of eighteen held in customs facilities … Continue reading Trump’s Crimes Against Humanity

I Miss Indictment Fridays

This has been another week full of distractions, so let’s review a few events you may have missed: Bill Barr wouldn't allow Paul Manafort to go to a Rikers Island prison. I didn't think he can do that, but what do I know? Barr had a busy week because while he was protecting a nefarious … Continue reading I Miss Indictment Fridays

“That Would be Hard”

This, the pro life party’s response To the question: Where are all those children You held detention? Those kidnapped by ice, Not returned to their parents There may be one or two Imposing impairments TRUMP’s White House, According to the ACLU Filed documents on Friday That do not dispute Recent reports stating There may have … Continue reading “That Would be Hard”