Donald Trump’s Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

Donald Trump’s tribute to Martin Luther King Jr consisted of a surprise visit to the memorial service. The duration of Trump’s visit did not exceed 90 seconds.

His speech:

“Good morning, everybody. It’s a great day. It’s a beautiful day. And thank you for being here. Appreciate it.” ~ Donald Trump

Trump left, most likely in order to resume tweeting about his wall, Nancy Pelosi, etc.
The day before:
Kentucky’s Covington Catholic Boys High School had a field trip. Their destination was the Washington DC “Pro life rally.” Note the boy, third from the right’s hand gesture, half hidden by his scarf.
(There is some irony in these pubescent boys, not of voting age, telling women what they can and can not do with their bodies, but that’s another post.)

The “Pro Life” rally coincided with the Indigenous Peoples march in Washington DC at the Lincoln memorial.

An altercation went viral.

Dubbed “Smirkboy” for obvious reasons, Nicolas Sandman, is seen in a short video, displaying his disrespect for a Native American war veteran, Nathan Phillips, who was drumming and chanting, while surrounded by a large group of teenaged boys who were jeering and jumping and shouting. It was difficult to watch.

Witnesses said the boys were shouting “build that wall, build that wall!” Clearly Covington HIgh School doesn’t teach American History.

The visibly upset war veteran spoke on camera later of his attempt to diffuse an escalating situation, between the boys and another group of protesters, and the fear he felt when the mob of boys, who had him surrounded, would not let him pass to leave.

The school apologized as public outrage made it impossible to ignore the situation.

Smirking boy, subject of the viral video, finally released a statement. It is not typical of a statement a Kentucky teenager might make… for good reason. The statement Nicholas Sandmann purportedly wrote was in fact written and released by a PR firm RunSwitch, which is directly linked to their Kentucky GOP Senator Mitch McConnell.

Back to the night of Martin Luther King Holiday: Trump chimed in on behalf of the Covington Catholic High School boy whose smirking (not to be confused with smocking) face staring down a Native American war veteran at the Washington monument went viral.

Jake Tapper of CNN was among the first reporters who went forward with the PR spin on the story, shaming those who believed what their eyes saw in the short video. It turns out a friend and colleague of Jake Tapper runs RunSwitch PR firm. What’s a little fake news among friends. And we all fell for it…

“Watch the 2 hour video, you’ll see a different scenario than the short edited version suggests.”

“We asked our teacher for permission to sing our school song, and we were praying.” ~Covington Mob Spin

“They surrounded Nathan Phillips chanting their school song.”

(Is their school song “build that wall, build that wall?”)

Who has 2 hours to watch something that in the grand scheme of things: treason, lifted sanctions, government shut down with the goal being to bust the FBI, doesn’t really matter? It’s easier to say, oh, I guess I didn’t see what I saw.


“Truth isn’t truth.” ~ Rudi Giuliani

“What you’re seeing in the news is not what’s happening.” ~ Donald Trump

“I have a memo.”~ Devin Nunes

“In my world everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.” Katie, “Horton Hears a Who” Dr Seuss

Back to the PR spin—

It is an extensive campaign. These “innocent boys” were not bullying. They have been victimized. Their lives have been forever changed by liberals who made assumptions about them because they wore MAGA attire.

(Men make assumptions about women based on their attire everyday, use it as an excuse to harm them, but that’s another post.)

But, I’m glad they brought up MAGA attire. Wearing political attire to the rally when they were there representing their Catholic school, a tax exempt religious organization, is against IRS law.

Audit them.

The 1st Amendment of the Constitution addresses the separation of church and state:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

The school must forfeit their tax exempt status. In fact, no religious organizations should be tax exempt. Tax exemption is indirect funding and blurs the line of separation between church and state.

Back to the poor innocent Catholic school boys victimized by a 65 year old Native American war veteran:

A few of the boys took off their shirts as they were ranting.


Prior to the viral incident, a smaller group of the same Covington High School group was taped harassing girls who walked past.

WATCH: Woman Claims Covington Catholic MAGA Students Harassed Her at D.C. March

More stories and photos surfaced, clouding to Smirkboy’s narative. The behavior cultivated at Covington Catholic High School has not been very Christ like.

White power signs flashed at a basketball game.

Taunting of a black player from the opposing team. Note the black paint covered student on the lower right.

How were these boys allowed in the gym in blackface? Why did no adult come forward to stop it?

A related question: Which of those boys will be our next black out drunk frat boy rapist on the Supreme Court?

What’s this!?👇🏼?!

The most recent video of the Covington kids DC field trip, one of them shouts to a group of girls “IT’S NOT RAPE IF YOU ENJOY IT!”

And this!?👇🏼?!

I have seen the videos. Smirkboy smirks throughout the 2 hour video while the mob of hormonal ly challenged boys shout and jeer and make tomahawk gestures.

It’s all fun and games until a video goes viral.

Donald Trump’s divided America is out of control. Racist taunts, white supremacy, sexual harassent, have become acceptable. He now plans to meet with the Covington High School group whose values are in line with his.

The night before Martin Luther King Jr day, VP Pence said Trump is much like Martin Luther King Junior, reading part of his “I have a dream” speech, linking it somehow to Trump’s wall.

I’m trying.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

  1. Such shameful behavior by those who are the future of America. These people have no shame, their “leader” supports them in this type of ranting and mob violence and will find excuses for them. I fear for the future, this is not OK.

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