Sarah Sanders, Science is not Fact… a poem

The National Climate Assessment

Wants to attract

Us with it’s 1600 pages

On the effects

Of Climate Change,

It’s resultant destructive impact

Causing Fires, floods, rising heat…

Sarah Sanders reacts:

“Radical” results,

(which our own government contracts),

“It’s not data driven.”

Sciencey… “not based on facts”

Cost economy: hundreds of billions


Trump knows the planet is fine,

The report is what lacked

These are minor disasters,

So don’t overreact

The best clean water and air…

(which Obama ransacked)

The EPA folded without data…

(none backed)

Regulations slowed net gain,

They’ll no longer detract

From the profits

Of our corporate lobbyist contacts

“I don’t believe it.” ~Trump’s denial,

It’s all an act

Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the Trump administration’s own climate change report “radical” and “not based on facts”

7 thoughts on “Sarah Sanders, Science is not Fact… a poem

    1. Yes, I read they’re refusing to cover her briefings, Trump’s rallies, and they’ll only comment on his tweets after they’ve fact checked them. 👏👏👏 I wish more would do the same instead of helping him spread his false narratives, but it’s a start.

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