Sarah Sanders, Science is not Fact… a poem

The National Climate Assessment Wants to attract Us with it’s 1600 pages On the effects Of Climate Change, It’s resultant destructive impact Causing Fires, floods, rising heat... Sarah Sanders reacts: “Radical” results, (which our own government contracts), “It’s not data driven.” Sciencey... "not based on facts” Cost economy: hundreds of billions “inexact” Trump knows the … Continue reading Sarah Sanders, Science is not Fact… a poem

Scribing Fairy Spells…

Aspiring beyond her extended reach A floating figure on an incandescent beach Intrinsically scribes creating fairy spells A waxing moon accents the sea as it swells ~ Painting white caps, blue skies, spring trees A smeller of all good things she sees She'd be Prancer, in a reindeer fleet With sidewalk portraitist’s chalky shoeless feet … Continue reading Scribing Fairy Spells…


Imagine a new world— a fresh start for  humanity... The inhabitants are diverse like people here. Divided equally, everyone starts with the same portion  of food and clothing,  and all are given an equal work load. Straight away, a shift occurs.  The lazy take their place,  not doing their work. Overachievers step up  to do … Continue reading People

In Search of Me

While In search of Me I took a detour Set aside my search Became a wife Still half heartedly  In search of Me I evolved into "Thing 1's mom," no longer Me Next I was "Thing 1 and Thing 2's mom" Whereas something was still missing I ripened into "Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing … Continue reading In Search of Me

The Star Ye Wisht On

Missteps faux pas and blunders Fer me make no mistake They're a part of life ye can't avoid Both bad and good ye take T'ain't what the star ye wisht on Had promised as it fell Setbacks bills work and heartaches It does feel rather more like hell But ye plod along with hopes and … Continue reading The Star Ye Wisht On


I purchased new glasses Not trusting myself  To make this decision Alone  Because something happens When I shop: glasses shoes bras tiaras I go to a place in my mind where Kaleidoscopes and rainbows  Are the height of perfection Circus music plays Clowns are sexy Once home   I open my bag Shocked to see … Continue reading Today