Speaking of Russian Hackers… a poem

My last post suffered many errors grammatical

I’d blame Russian hackers, that might be fanatical

I didn’t proofread, (inexplicably erratical)

New glasses and fatigued eyes are problematical


This NPR news story of systematical

Russian voter hacking, it’s become piratical

The GOP isn’t so idiocratical

They do not safeguard for reasons mathematical


Only 1/4 voters are pro-autocratical

A fair election would be anti-climactical

Voter suppression measured and beurocratical

To counter these attacks we must be pragmatical

Register, vote early, by mail, be dogmatical

Check Vote.Gov — confirm, vote, it’s democratical

In this I will continue to be emphatical

Only 17 more days, then a sabbatical

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