News Story Poetry



Two top stories in the news today:

First: BMitch McConnell demands you pay

For the GOP corporate tax scam 

And tax cuts for his rich friends, the man.


You’ll start by giving up Medicaid,

And more such items for which you’ve paid,

Social Security, Medicare,

No matter… retirement will be rare.


The middle class and poor are to blame

For the deficit, they should be ashamed.

Their money funded entitlements

Have been offshored. Good luck paying rent.


The second story might give you hope,

Although we have three more weeks to cope:

Two unnamed officials have disclosed

Mueller’s case has two key parts composed.


After midterms he’ll share his report.

What will election results support?

Findings pertain to: Trump’s obstruction,

And Russia stealing the election.


How is Trump’s collusion file defined? 

Mueller’s answers go to Rosenstein, 

Our Deputy Attorney General.

Will he disrupt the US free fall?

Mitch McConnell says deficit ballooned because of Social Security, Medicare, not Republican Tax Cuts

Robert Mueller Ready to Announce if Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia: Report

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