That’s What Mitch Said… a poem

On October 10, at some point in the morning

Senator Mitch McConnell issued a warning

If next month Democrats win the majority 

Proceed with caution, ignore criminality


Regarding “presidential harassment” – conflates

Impeachment, indictment, DO NOT INVESTIGATE

This warning is with regards to 2020

Be it private or commerce — ruble or penny 


Treason, tax fraud, caged kids, sex crimes, emmoluments

Leave all of it be, that’s his selfless argument

Let Trump and the GOP slide, that’s what Mitch said

Or you’ll “help the president get re-elected”  



Coward Mitch McConnell is failing to mention

An Oligarch paid him $2.5 million 

Briefed early on about Russian interference 

He kept the facts quiet and demanded adherence 

McConnell warns Democrats to think carefully about ‘presidential harassment’ if they win House majority

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