Two Stupid Men on FOX

White Republican men on the Judiciary Committee have dug in their heels. Despite two formal allegations, and two pending allegations against their SCOTUS of choice, they’ll only allow one victim to be heard, but none will be listened to.

Only Dr Ford will testify on Thursday morning. None of the other allegations are worthy of the committee, because the women lied, or were drunk, or the stories are uncorroborated… according to the GOP. They won’t allow corroboration. They don’t want the other allegations to slow down the proceedings.

They will see Dr Ford, who came forward first, but she is not allowed witnesses, medical substantiation, and the former FBI officer who administered her lie detector test will not be allowed to testify. “That’s not going to happen.” Why? To use Mitch McConnell’s words, “We’re going to ram this through.

They have no intention of giving credence to Dr Ford’s testimony.

No witnesses for her, but they have retained a defense attorney, a woman, to question Dr. Blassey Ford for better “optics.” They don’t want what they’re doing to look like what they’re doing: a group of 14 hostile GOP men ganging up on a woman who has been a victim of assault.

GOP hires female attorney to question Kavanaugh accuser

As far as the second victim who came forward, by way of an article in the New Yorker, Bitch Mitch McConnel has said:

‘The accusations are uncorroborated.’

But no witnesses are allowed to corroborate the accusations.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale roommate James Roche says he believes second woman accusing judge of sexual misconduct

More witnesses are coming forward daily.

The GOP is turning a blind eye, because they just want Judge RapeyK confirmed before October 1st.

Sexual assault is not the only flaw that should have resulted in Kavanaugh’s withdrawal. (RapeyK) has lied multiple times under oath, and been rewarded for his efforts. After the first time, in 2006, he was was not prosecuted, or reprimanded, he was given a position on the appellate court.

Like Pip in Charles Dickens’ ‘Great Expectations’ Kavanaugh has a secret benefactor. Unlike Pip, Kavanaugh is a jackass with ties to the Russian mob, and he knows who his benefactor is. Someone has invested heavily for him to be the swing vote on the Supreme Court, and RapeyK could not withdraw if he wanted to.

That said, we are watching bullying and blatant corruption; nothing will keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

Not even this:


To fully appreciate the absurdity of the interview, background information is warranted .

Dr Blasey Ford’s experience:

During a high school party, a fifteen year old girl, (Dr Ford), had been on her way to the rest room when Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, both seventeen, shoved her into a bedroom and locked the door. The friend turned up the music, RapeyK threw her on the bed, covered her mouth to silence her screams, to the point that she “was afraid he would inadvertently kill her.” He groped her and tried to remove her clothes, while his friend stood by, jumping on top of them twice, the second time he knocked them to the floor, and that was when Dr Ford escaped.

The second allegation: As a Yale freshman, at a party, Kavanaugh put his penis in the face of an intoxicated classmate while a group of boys looked on, one told her to “kiss it”. She managed pushed him away.

Brett Kavanaugh has two alibis that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the allegations are impossible:

  1. He has found a calendar from the year 1982, the year he was seventeen, on which he wrote his social engagements, and that date, was blank.
  2. He was a virgin… all through high school and well beyond college… might even still be.

Let’s re-read the excuses, the best this man, who has been an appellate judge for over a dozen years, could come up with. I’ll wait.


  1. I want to see the calendar.
  2. The virginity story, which I don’t buy, doesn’t apply to either attack. He could have attacked the girls, exactly as they claim he did, and remained a virgin. If anything, claiming to be a virgin might lead one to believe he was sexually frustrated.

That’s all I can stand to say on this subject today, so I’ll move on to story 2.

Trump (seen here), waiting to perform his standup routine at the General Assembly, while the opener warms up the crowd. (I’m here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

Today, Donald Trump spoke to world leaders at the UN General Assembly:

“In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country…so true.”

(Audience laughter)

Didn’t expect that reaction, but ok.”

You may have heard about that humiliation by now, but what is shocking to me is that Fox News’ has edited the speech, cutting out the laughter, and what Trump said immediately prior to and immediately after the laughter.…

This is America 2018

And these two stupid men have power over us all.

4 thoughts on “Two Stupid Men on FOX

    1. They’d never go back. I would be especially angry to find out he used them for his image by parading them into the senate and telling the world all their names—TWICE. He had them there to keep the questions from getting personal. I’m so angry about this whole thing. We see what’s happening, but no one can stop it.
      Let’s hope more people vote, and the machines aren’t tampered with. 🙄 That’s all we can do.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was thrilled about WordPress and Google doing the voter registration campaign today. We really need young people to vote.
        I do not understand why people are not calling for Grassley to be removed.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. There will be nothing fair about this hearing. These assholes will pat Dr. Ford on the head and confirm RapeyK to the court. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s certainly what I think will happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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