Will the SCOTUS Vote Commence as Scheduled?

Kavanaugh lined up the girls he coaches behind him, a protective shield against what he had to know would eventually be divulged.

Why would a Supreme Court Nominee repeatedly mention coaching his daughter’s all girl basketball team. He said it several times; he even introducing them all, by name… twice. Why? He was using these girls, because that’s what Brett Kavanaugh does and has done his whole life. He uses girls for his own design. He didn’t want us to figure that out though. He wanted us to think, “what an involved caring dad.” Maybe he thought their presence would keep the line of questioning subdued… innocent.

One of Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates, Deborah Ramirez, is the subject of a story in the New Yorker, by written by Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow, published late last night.

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from the Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years, by His Yale Classmate Deborah Ramirez

Deborah Ramirez came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh, and like Dr. Blasey Ford, she has requested an FBI investigation into the matter, and an investigation which must include witnesses.

The New Yorker article claims the GOP was notified of the pending allegations last week. Last night the GOP feigned surprise.

They’re acting surprised because this shines a new light on their bullying of Dr Blasey Ford on every level. Chuck GrASSley’s arbitrary deadlines to force her to testify immediately, or not at all, make sense. The letter, signed by 65 women who were not raped by Kavanaugh… they knew.

GrASSley, Lee, McConnell, Hatch, and the rest, wanted Kavanaugh confirmed before this New Yorker story came out.

These new allegations explain the abhorrent treatment of Dr Blasey Ford’s. The death threats that forced her and her family into hiding seem to have been designed, not only to unnerve her, but to frighten other victims from coming forward. Hacking into Dr Ford’s email in order to impersonate her was a character assassination designed to discredit her and demoralize anyone else who might be thinking of coming forward. These dual purpose attacks of the first victim were meant to push her to the point that she would decide not to testify, and to keep others quiet for fear of the same retribution.

What happens at Georgetown Prep…


These men with the majority in Congress did not expect Dr Ford to be so strong in her conviction. She has suffered untold consequences because of her attack, for over three decades.

Did they know there was a third allegation forthcoming?

Then there were three… at least. Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels attorney,) claims to have a credible client who will testify under oath that Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were known to throw group gatherings, during which he and his accomplices targeted underaged girls to ply with with alcohol, then take turns raping them. (allegedly)

The following details are difficult to read, but imagine the difficulty of living with the memory.

So many secrets.

The problem with this type of story is the majority of witnesses would be participants in the rapes. They would be destroying themselves by corroborating.

However, victims are witnesses. Anyone the victims spoke to is a witness. They need courage to come forward to take a stand against these powerful men.

Senator Lindsey Graham said yesterday “What do you expect me to do, destroy a man’s life because of allegations?”

Senator Graham is under duress. Clearly someone is holding something, a secret, over him.

America does not appoint a man like, a man who hates women, to the SUPREME COURT for a lifetime appointment.

And by the way, why are these men NOT CONCERNED WITH THE WOMENS DESTROYED LIVES?

Kavanaugh hates women. Do we need the swing vote on the Supreme Court to be a man accused of unspeakable crimes against women? He is a man with extreme views, ranging from birth control to abortion, to immigration. He has he lied to congress.

Remember this moment? He refused to shake hands or even engage in conversation with a man whose daughter was shot and killed during the mass shooting at Parkland High School in Florida.

Why hasn’t he withdrawn? Is it because he has assured Donald Trump his freedom from any possible future conviction on treason, or any impending conviction on obstruction of justice?

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tell them what you think of their nominee.

Someone else did the work, taking the trouble to look up zip codes, I only copied this list to share:

Senator Sasse




If staff asks, Sasse’s ZIP CODE: 68508

Senator Mike Lee




If staff asks, Lee’s ZIP CODE: 84138

Senator Thomas Tillis




If staff asks, Tillis ZIP CODE: 27858

Senator John Kennedy



225-926 – 8033

If staff asks, Kennedy ZIP CODE: 71303

Senator Orrin Hatch




If staff asks, Hatch ZIP CODE: 84138

Senator Chuck Grassley




If staff asks, Grassley ZIP CODE: 52401

Senator Lindsey Graham





If staff asks, Graham ZIP CODE: 29601

Senator Jeff Flake




If staff asks, Flake ZIP CODE: 85016

Senator Ted Cruz





If staff asks, Cruz ZIP CODE: 78701

Senator Mike Crapo




If staff asks, Crapo ZIP CODE: 83402

Senator John Cornyn





If staff asks, Cornyn ZIP CODE: 75244

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