SCOTUS Nominee Committed Perjury Multiple Times This Week

If you really want to understand who a person is, don’t ask the GOP.

The following is a petition making the rounds among Kavanaugh’s fellow Yale allumai.

They’re worried about our democracy and believe Kavanaugh should not be confirmed.

Open Letter from Yale Law Students, Alumni, and Educators Regarding Brett Kavanaugh

For months, Senate Judiciary Republicans have been hiding crucial documents.

Brett Kavanaugh’s records have been withheld from Democrats in the senate who were promised they would have them prior to the commencement of Supreme Court Justice nominations hearings. The Senate committee members needed the information to question him effectively.

At approximately 8:40 pm, the night before the hearings began, 40,000 pages were released to the committee… 40,000 pages, which made up only 10% of Brett Kavanaugh’s records. Of that 10%, more than half was marked confidential, meaning it was off limits for questioning.

Historically 100% of a SCOTUS nominee’s records are released.

Knowledge is power.

This was GOP dirty politics at work again. They were attempting to limit Senate Democrat’s ability to question Kavanaugh in any meaningful way.

The only reason to withhold 96% of Kavanaugh’s records would be to hide something about his history. The $200,000 question has been, what is the GOP working so hard to hide?


Kavanaugh was presented as a neutral and fair interpreter of the law, nothing more. He introduced the entire girls basketball team he coaches for his daughters… more than once. They wanted to give the illusion that he is an honest family man. He is not. This is theater of the absurd.

In the past 24 hours, countless groups of people who know Kavanaugh, know of his background and history, have come forward to lend their voices to the debate that the GOP isn’t allowing to happen.

Kavanaugh is a threat to our democracy. He is the man Donald Trump has nominated for the job. Trump is an un-indicted co-conspirator, under more than one federal investigation. Trump’s future, as well as the future of his family, will likely be decided in the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has been nominated with that in mind.

Watergate’s John Dean: Kavanaugh confirmation will expand presidential powers | TheHill

Kavanagh is not an impartial interpreter of the law, he’s a GOP politician, lying to further himself and the GOP agenda.

His appointment will change the balance of power in the Supreme Court.

“I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don’t let him sit on the Supreme Court.”

I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don’t let him sit on the Supreme Court.

If confirmed to this lifetime appointment, Kavanaugh will navigate the direction our country takes and affect two generations of Americans.

The hearings have been a farce, choreographed by the grand old party, white male republicans who are desperate to hold onto their waning power. Their line of hard hitting questions were fluff intended to deceive the public from what this man is. One Republican Senator asked Kavanaugh: “Why are you taking notes with a Sharpie?” Seriously.

Senate Judiciary Republicans Hiding Crucial Kavanaugh Documents –

The truth about Kavanaugh is best heard from those who have worked with him and have known him longest.

I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About

Consider this—

  • Russia funnels money into the NRA in order to fund elections for GOP candidates
  • The NRA contributed $1 million to campaign advertisements for Kavanaugh
  • Kavanaugh would make Russian election interference easier
  • Kavanaugh used NRA talking points during his hearing when asked about his views on gun control laws: “You know, actually, all handguns are semi-automatic weapons, most people don’t realize that.”
  • Kavanaugh would not shake hands with a Parkland father.
  • He is “Proud” of upholding voter suppression laws
  • He doesn’t think Roe v Wade “settled precedent”
  • Kavanaugh perjured himself repeatedly during his confirmation hearings.
  • Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony stating he was not involved in the nomination of Bill Pryor on the left, next to an email proving he was.

    Brett Kavanaugh’s William Pryor denials require some explaining

    Lying under oath is a felony.

    Kavanaugh committed multiple felonies in front of millions of people this week.

    The man should not be a judge, let alone a Supreme Court Justice.

    “Emails Prove Kavanaugh Lied To Congress Under Oath Several Times—”

    Emails Prove Kavanaugh Lied To Congress Under Oath Several Times –

    Brett Kavanaugh used materials stolen from Democratic senators, to advance President Bush’s judicial nominees. He was asked about this in 2004, 2006 and this week by Senator Leahy, one of the Senators whose e-mails were stolen. He answered with a lie.


    Kavanaugh would like to lift campaign contribution limits. With unlimited contributions, billionaires like the Koch brothers and the Mercer’s will effectively control the government… kind of like what we see happening now.

    Here’s How Kavanaugh Would Destroy Elections If Confirmed | Care2 Causes

    Environmental Issues don’t hold weight with him.

    What A Justice Kavanaugh Would Mean For Environmental Law

    HE LIED.

    Newly Released Emails Show Brett Kavanaugh May Have Perjured Himself at Least Four Times

    Read about Brett Kavanaugh’s track record.

    Brett Kavanaugh’s track record

    Since we are calling out lies told during the hearings, I’d like to call out Chuck Grassley.

    If you watched the opening of the senate confirmation hearings you saw Chuck Grassley LIE.

    HE LIED.

    He said “every Republican Senator read all of the 40,000 pages” of Kavanaugh’s documents that had been submitted late the night before. He thinks that because he states it as fact, we are supposed to accept the idea that in less than 12 hours, every one of these old white men, and a couple of women, who looked well rested to me, had time to read and understand 40,000 pages of legal records.

    This style of politics has got to end here.

    Kavanaugh is an extension of Trump/Russia.

    Russia has installed operatives in every branch of government, the exception being the Supreme Court… until now.

    The GOP won’t tell you who Kavanaugh really is.

    Kavanaugh is Putin’s choice for our Supreme Court.

    4 thoughts on “SCOTUS Nominee Committed Perjury Multiple Times This Week

    1. I read everything you write about the situation in the American Government. I don’t live in America, nor am I an American. I know the American people are not fools and I wonder how this situation has been allowed to get so out of hand. Politics is difficult enough to understand without the intrigue that appears to be going on. Sadly the rest of the World is also affected by it. I wonder, are people listening and watching and planning to vote as soon as they can? I sincerely hope so.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 107 million people couldn’t be bothered to vote in 2016. That’s just under half of our eligible voters.
        Obama is out campaigning for democrats running for Congress, and during a speech he gave yesterday I heard him say that among college aged voters only 1 in 5 voted in 2016. He is working to convince people how important every vote is.
        Parkland Florida students, who survived the mass shooting, have become activists and are making the rounds registering large numbers of young people to vote.
        Trump’s policies are motivating those who are paying attention to show up and vote.
        I think voters will turn out in record numbers in November.
        I hope they do too.


    2. Thanks Lydia, I saw Obama on our evening news last night. Such a charismatic lovely man. In Australia voting is compulsory and we are fined if we don’t show up unless we can show good cause. It may sound a bit Big Brother, but it works for us. I so hope you are right, for the sake of America and her people. And the rest of the World too.

      Liked by 1 person

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