Cohn Draws His Line

It’s comforting to know everyone has a line they will not tolerate if crossed.

The line could be— undermining healthcare, undermining Medicare, undermining Medicaid, undermining Social Security, insider-trading, standing by neo-Nazis, committing sexual assault, endorsing pedophiles and wife abusers, ignoring climate change, election tampering, conspiring with Russia, money laundering, fraud, treason…

The level of corruption tolerated finally exceeded limits set by one man who draws his line at trade.

Gary Cohn reserves his moral outrage for Trump’s implacable decision to enact a 25% tariff on steel and 10% on aluminum.

Former GoldmanSacs President, investment banker turned chief economic advisor to Trump can not turn a blind eye when it might threaten his wealth.

Cohn will return to New York, rejoining polite society to receive a hero’s welcome, in thanks for the $1.5 trillion 50% tax cut his friends and their corporations will receive, and a toast for the reversal of The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed into federal law by President Obama in 2010, to protect our economy from another bank fraud fueled financial crisis like the one that tanked our economy, and the world’s economy in 2008. No more bank fraud regulations for Cohn or his friends.

Trump and his ego want you to know that Cohn’s departure does not reflect poorly on him.

“The White House has tremendous energy, it has tremendous spirit. Believe me. Everybody wants to work in the White House. They all want a piece of that Oval Office.” ~Donald J Trump

That is everyone except those on this list—

Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures

Yates, Flynn, Bharara, Walsh, Comey, Dubke, Shaub, McFarland, Corralo, Spicer, Short, Harvey, Priebus, Mooch, Cohen, Watnick, Higgins, Bannon, Gorka, Sifakis, Icahn, Price, Powell, Manigault, Dearborn, Katz, Winfree, McCabe, Porter, Sorensen, Raffel, Hicks, Cohn…

Believe him. Everybody wants to work in the White House.


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