Being, Like, Really Smart

If I were to write a book about myself it would be titled “Being, Like, Really Smart.” It’s important to itemize one’s attributes, otherwise some of them might be overlooked by others, even those people with whom one has constant contact.

Or maybe I’d title my book“A Very Stable Genius”

To be safe, I would also point out how, like, funny I am, and I’d have to say, like, how bigly disappointed I am that People Magazine, like, has overlooked me so, like, many times for their “Worlds Most Beautiful People” issue… me with my winsome smile and my… I’m beautiful, because I don’t know I’m beautifulness… etc.

But Donald, I wish one of your advisers would point out that most—

  1. Successful businessmen don’t file bankruptcy six times, nor do
  2. Smart people say things such as— “being, like, really smart.”

Also, why is Donald Trump still obsessed with Hillary Clinton? It’s a bit Norman Bates, don’t you think, constantly talking to and about his dead his mother? — What was the movie? Ah yes, Psycho.

What has prompted today’s twitter theme? Hollywood Reporter columnist Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” (Henry Holt & Co.)

The book claims almost every member of Trump’s senior White House staff has, on repeated occasions, said Trump is “like a child.”

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who had never been a friend or fan of Trump’s until he secured the presidential win, is quoted, after a phone call with Trump, saying— “What a fucking moron.” I believe that is Rex Tillerson’s pet name for Donald as well.

The book quotes Steve Bannon, Trump’s former right-wing, right-hand man, who left the White House to return to his former employment with far right propaganda publication “Breitbart,” which is funded by the billionaire Mercer Family. They also funded much of Trump’s campaign, with hopes of tax relief to end their ongoing dispute with the IRS.

In the book, Bannon gives Trump a “33.3 percent chance of impeachment, a 33.3 percent chance of resignation in the shadow of the 25th amendment (which allows for the forcible removal of an insane president from office), and a 33.3 percent chance that he might limp to the finish line on the strength of liberal arrogance and weakness.”

To which Trump replied—

Trump’s attourney filed a cease and desist notice against Steve Bannon, who had been confirming the validity of the derogatory comments he made in the book. Also served cease and desist notices were the book’s publisher, and the author of said book.

Trump’s lame attempt to ban “Fire and Fury” resulted instead in an earlier than planned publication date. It was released Friday, and sold out in stores and on line in record time.

Trump’s tweets have prompted legal action against him as well—

Clearly Donald needs help with his name calling. Schoolyard taunts lose their punch when recycled.

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye… or sets off a nuke.


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5 thoughts on “Being, Like, Really Smart

  1. I love the expression ‘the Emperor wears no clothes’ when it applies to Trump. He also stands out for his extreme narcissism and almost child-like insistence on being lavishly praised (Pence is the number 1 toady in this regard which is why he has survived). Is there some kind of meta strategy? No … just pandering to the base it seems. Good analysis on how clueless he is – thank god CNN are on his case every day:

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  2. Isn’t it amazing that he can dish it out but cannot take? He bashes everyone (get the heck over Hillary, already!!) but when he hears (God knows he doesn’t read) someone said ‘fake news’ things about him and he goes ballistic. What a nut job.

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