Mueller’s Probe Heats Up

Special Council Robert Mueller’s recent subpoena of Deutsche Bank has given us a hint at the direction his Trump/Russia investigation has taken, and Donald Trump is feeling the burn… maybe that’s why he’s orange.

Trump owes Deutsche Bank (DB) $364 million, Jared Kushner owes them $285 million. Deutsche bank leant them both money when no American banks were willing to take the risk.

Deutsche bank has a cooperating agreement with Vnesheconombank (VEB). VEB is a Russian government-owned development bank and has been under US sanctions since 2014.

If Deutsche bank’s loans to Kushner and Trump have been, or were to be, transferred to VEB, Trump would have incentive to lift those U.S. sanctions. It might also be a means to launder Russian money.

Trump’s main appeal as POTUS, to Putin, was his ability to lift sanctions, and we know Michael Flynn made promises to Russia regarding sanctions. Trump, in return, has failed to enforce sanctions against Russia for their interference in the U.S. election. That deadline was October 1 2017.

Trump is running out of lines of defense. As Mueller digs deep into his finances, his efforts have turned to discrediting Mueller and the FBI.

Trump, at a recent Pensacola Florida rally, said— “This is a rigged system. This is a sick system from the inside. And, you know, there is no country like our country but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions,”

Donald Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community are as dangerous to democracy as are his attacks on the free press, and he has help… from the press.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages have been littered with anti-Mueller stories, helping Trump in his attempt to create a foundation on which he will claim the Mueller investigation is biased or incompetent, with headlines like— “Obstruction of Congress” with subtext “Mueller, the Justice Department and the FBI aren’t helping the lawmakers’ probe.”

Is the WSJ a reliable source of news? One quick google search points to where their loyalties might lie. Donald Trump’s friend Rupert Murdoch and his family control a media empire of 120 news publications in five countries, the Wall Street Journal is one of them. They also own multimedia company 21st Century Fox, and if that isn’t enough, they own book publisher HarperCollins.

Trump also has the help of some GOP members of Congress, like Rep. Steve King of Iowa, and Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who are engaging in their own conspiracy to obstruct justice on his administration’s behalf, using such tactics as threatening to cut the investigation’s funding.

While Donald Trump attacks the free press and the intelligence community, he wholeheartedly endorses an accused child molester, he refuses to comment on sexual predators, (unless they are liberal’s), he says some Neo-Nazis are “fine people,” and he has never had an unkind word for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It has been widely reported, Jared Kushner was the person who directed Michael Flynn’s communications with Russia. Flynn admittedly lied to the FBI about those communications. That fact, and the Deutsche bank subpoena would indicate Jared Kushner, who is incapable of completing a security clearance form no matter how many times he tries, is next in line for an indictment.

Meanwhile, there has been speculation that Trump’s decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. Embassy to the city from Tel Aviv was an attempt to distract the press from the Deutsche bank subpoena.

The only question now is when will Kushner be indicted… and will this affect the Kushner/Trump Merry Christmas?


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12 thoughts on “Mueller’s Probe Heats Up

    1. Seriously–she lost and the election is over, so I can’t imagine how he could get that much more mileage out of bashing her. Then again, his base is just stupid enough they might care….

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      1. He has to keep bringing up Clinton to remind folks who aren’t really enthusiastic about him why they voted for him: they believed he was the lesser of two evils. Keeping Hillary in the news is necessary to make him feel mandated.

        Remember that he lost the popular vote. The election was very close and it came down to people from less populated, and generally less educated, areas that have an out-of whack amount of influence in close elections because of how the electoral college works. They weren’t thrilled that a woman was the most qualified candidate (especially coming on the heels of a good black president–I have often thought that the racism and sexism wouldn’t have been as great if Obama hadn’t been pretty good) and were easily manipulated into thinking Hilary was evil. He has to keep that up. Especially since he is demonstrably morally corrupt and it wouldn’t really take all that much for evangelicals to turn against him.

        Very few actually want the Republican agenda. One reason for the crazy speed of the tax thing was to get that agenda through before the tide gets too far out and the boat is beached.

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  1. The news has been so intense recently, it has taken the place of normal television. What could be more dramatic than the world we suddenly find ourselves living in? I want this investigation to change everything. I don’t know that’s what is going to really happen. It worries me greatly. This country never really set itself up to get rid of a bad president. I don’t think anyone imagined we could have someone like this monstrosity in office. I still can’t believe it.

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    1. I have high hopes that Trump will unwittingly initiate change. The backlash against sexual predation, I am convinced, is a direct result of Trump’s ignored crimes. Hopefully the corruption in congress will go next—lobbyists need to be taken out of the equation. We have a lot of room for improvement.

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    1. It’s disturbing how many people take FOX news at their word. Trump is definitely testing the water with his disparagement of Mueller, and I’m sure he wants to fire him. If he thinks firing Mueller would be the end of the story he’s mistaken.


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