Matt Lauer is Sorry…

Have you read any of the accounts of abuse

The stories go far beyond misdeeds and misuse

It is more than an exploitation of power

Allegations brought against menace Matt Louer

The accounts I have read sound like rape, nothing less

Today he is “truly sorry”… I’m not impressed

NBC kept Matt Louer’s zoo open too long

He hated women, though others lived in the throng

NBC permitted a boys club atmosphere

None of them deserve decent jobs, that much is clear

Each of those people, guilty of playing along,

The game— f**ck, kill, mary—didn’t they feel it wrong?

NBC’s own reporter exposed Weinstein’s crimes

They chose not to report it— another time…

They held onto Trump’s Access Hollywood tape

The Washington Post let that vile story escape

How many people in charge kept quiet who knew?

NBC needs to clean house, shake up the whole crew

Hire only women, bosses, hosts and producers

No intimidation by would be seducers

Misogynists, enabling assistants alike

Personal affects in a box, then take a hike

No silence, reckoning for women is today

Donald Trump yours is coming I venture to say


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