Is Fox News Manipulating the Public on Behalf of Russia?

Is Fox News is inciting violence? Are they behind Russia’s propaganda machine? We know Russia’s agenda is to create chaos, dividing our country by inciting domestic violence. 

Posters and flyers are popping up across New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities across the country announcing demonstrations planned for 11/04/2017 by a group called “Refuse Fascism.”

I am all for refusing fascism, but I find it curiously suspicious that these demonstrations are planned on 11/04 — Russian Unity Day. Odder still that Fox News is amplifying the events with sensationalized coverage. 

Violent counter protest groups are organizing as well. 

It has long been suspected that the “Antifa” movement was created by Russian fake news, and embraced as a scapegoat by far right white nationalists. 

These types of demonstrations/riots are not what free speech is meant to be. Who is really behind it?
If I am wrong, my apologies to, but please explain the decision to demonstrate on “Russian Unity Day.”

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