Congressional Theatrics to Close Before 2018 Elections

The thing about politics I find most infuriating is that the majority of politicians, yes I am implying the GOP who hold the majority, believe Americans are so stupid they, the politicians, can say anything and, because they are elected officials, we will take them at their word.

It has never been more clear to me, nor to anyone else I assume because I am not that special, that politicians are not trustworthy. It has been proven by Politico fact checkers— Donald Trump lies 70% of the time, although I’ve heard 95% tossed around.

The lead actor in the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation, Richard Burr (R-N.C.), wants his GOP majority panel’s investigation on Trump/Russia to wrap the show up by February, before 2018 elections.

Another GOP led investigation depicted by the House, (the one with very bad actor, Devin Nunes who let his bias show while he was at the helm, leading to his promise to recuse himself—which he did not), has also been pressured to wrap things up. 

What’s the point in dragging it on? We all knew what their results would be the day Nunes preformed his improvisational press conference corroborating Trump’s tweet that President Obama had wire tapped him. If you haven’t been following along, that tweet was proven false. 

These simultaneously playing examples of modern American theater, with broadway caliber performances by the Senate and the House, “Investigating Russia Live,”  both funded by taxpayers, have predictable plot lines with an obvious end. 

They will find no conclusive evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to manipulate the results of the election. Congressional investigators will not, because that is the conclusion they set out to find… and they will present their reports to their American Audience before (Tony award nominations) the 2018 election rolls around, because they want to retain their audience of season ticket holders.

But wait, there’s more— Don’t forget to see “The Senate Judiciary Committee” starring Chuck Grassley. This show was supposed to be bipartisan, but Democrats and Republicans in this group have had an ugly break up because the Republican faction has been trying to turn their (rehearsals) investigation of the sitting presidents’s obstruction of justice, into an investigation of Hillary Clinton (the other woman), and uranium sales. While ranking member (lead actress) Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) insists on staying the course, Grassley refuses. These relationships never last. Each side is investigating separately. (I feel bad for US, the kids.)

The real purpose of all of these congressional investigations has always been to distract and water down the impact of the Mueller investigation— the real investigation. When he has his proof of criminal behavior detailed and tied up with a pretty bow, with conclusive evidence, the GOP will cry— well, that’s one yes, but we have two nos. We win, and we intend to win re-election too. We’d like to thank all American voters, because without your tax dollars, (financial support), none of these shows would have seen a curtain rise.


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