Nice Words from Another Politician

Jeff Flake gave a speech touted as “One of the best political speeches of our time.” In it, Flake claimed that to stay in Trump’s Senate would be complicitity: “We have again forgotten who we are supposed to be. There is a sickness in our system — and it is contagious. How much more damage to our democracy and to the institutions of American liberty do we need to witness in silence before we count ourselves as complicit in that damage?”

Bob Corker, also not planning to seek re-election, spoke out against Trump days before Flake did, calling Trump out on his countless “untruths” and warning Trump should not have the Nuclear codes, and “he is not a role model.”

By not seeking re-election these two Senators are not hurting Donald Trump, they are removing all competition for Trump appointees. If they were sincere in wanting to fight, they’d stay on and use the power of their votes and their voices as senators to do so… but they have proven they are incapable of voting for the American people.

While we were once again distracted by these GOP antics, we lost something else we needed. As Senators Corker and Flake commandeered media attention, speaking out against Trump, and Trump responding as any 12 year old boy would, we didn’t see what the Senate was doing, including Senators Corker and Flake…and Senator John McCain. They were voting to dismantle more consumer safeguards. 

Why did bankers on Wall Street rally yesterday? 

They were celebrating the gift they received from the GOP Senate: The Senate showed their true colors once again voting along party lines- 51-50, red wins. 

This win gives banks immunity when cheating consumers. No more law suits against deceptive credit card practices, no retribution against fraudulent financial advisors. Consumers now have no protections against Wall Street bankers whose greed was proven when they shouldered us into the big recession of 2007. 
This is the second big repeal of bank regulations, put in place to protect consumers, since Trump took office. 

By giving banks free reign, Trump is following through with his campaign promises, not the promises he made to those who bought his $40 MAGA hats. Those people stand to lose much more than the $40. cost of the hats.

Trump is dolling out Tax cuts for his billionaire donors, and Senator Corker voted for Trump’s tax plan— to add 4 trillion dollars to the US deficit and give most of that money to corporate giants and the billionaires who run them. 

If all the GOP resign in protest, Trump will fill their positions with more pliable yes people, but will we end up worse off than we are now? What we have now are politicians who say what’s right, but vote against it.


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8 thoughts on “Nice Words from Another Politician

  1. well, if they are ‘getting out’ & simultaneously benefiting from the GOP’s decisions, they can then be NOT complicit in the game. It seems like typical lawyer/polititian type behavior.

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  2. I may have “pie in the sky” hopes, but I’m looking to mid-term elections and the possibility that they could turn the tide if enough voters stand against the Republicans who continue to silently support Trump. People in this country need to pull their heads out of the sand and quit supporting and making excuses for Trump. He is not making America great again. He is making Trump’s world great again…the one that supports the rich, special interest groups, corporate America, bigots and his narcissism.

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  3. It’s easy to publicly condemn the president once you’ve taken yourself out of the game. Why didn’t Flake and Corker speak up before? And will any Republican in Congress who IS seeking re-election be so brave? I doubt it?

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  4. A plaintive squeak from the rest of the world – a voice crying in the wilderness: the 2007 financial crisis is known outside the US as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). It savaged the economies of every other country in the developed world. So yes, what Trump does in America is America’s business – but only to a point. How DARE he recreate a situation that could bring the world to its financial knees for a second time!

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