Russia Has Not Been Sanctioned

Who is in charge of watching Donald Trump? It’s congress if I’m not mistaken, but what are they doing to hold him accountable for implementing Russian sanctions? 

You must remember back in July, Donald Trump, pen in hand, sitting at his giant desk, surrounded by smiling suits…waiting. He signed reluctantly. He had been pressured, like a child whose parents won’t let him leave the table until he’s eaten his vegetables, he had no choice. 

He signed as he complained of congress overstepping it’s jurisdiction with the vegetables. Trump has made several attempts to water down said vegetables, perhaps blend them into smoothie…but they have a childproof lid with a water tight seal.

These sanctions were overwhelmingly approved by Congress, and issued in response to Russia not playing nice with Eastern Europe, and for their interference in the 2016 election…the one Trump “won” (wink wink).

On October, 01, 2017 the deadline to implement these sanctions came and went. Trump was required by a law to effect sanctions 24 days ago, yet he has not. Again, 24 days after the deadline, the White House has not followed through with Russian sanctions. 

When questioned as to why, the administration points it’s short fat fingers at various other departments— the State Department, Treasury Department, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence “they’re working on it.”

Donald Trump blatantly ignores Russian sanctions while he is under investigation for working with Russia to win the election…that takes a special kind of f**king moron. (Not my words.)

Unlike congress, and a growing number of citizens, Trump is unconcerned with continued threats by Russia, as they unabashedly warn they will continue to interfere, with a goal of dividing and creating chaos in the run-up to 2018 U.S. elections. Again, he’s currently under investigation for working with them. 

What is a congress to do to force Donald to eat his veggies? One would think they would have done it by now. Enlighten me. Perhaps his toys: presidency, nuclear codes, etc, should be taken away.


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