Tillerson Still Employed

T-Rexxon didn’t want the job, he’d said before

Yet he was Putin it, knowing nothing of war

“Secretary of State” holds no enjoyment 

So why did he agree to take on the employment

To boost a $500 billion oil deal

But he found Russian sanctions were hard to repeal

For the world press corps discerned his every turn

Now to quit this job he hadn’t bothered to learn 

Is proving a challenge— Trump won’t let him go

Rexxon is trapped in a surreality show

He had no choice but to speak thoughts out loud 

Then not deny it to the gathering crowd

Speaking of Trump, he said what we all knew 

“He’s a f***ing moron”— His words finally rang true 

Now he’s waiting and hoping to be shown the door

It seems Tillerson needs to insult Trump even more


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