Donald Trump Goes to the United Nations

Vacillating between two topics today, neither of which is pleasant, reminds me of Republican threats to congress regarding healthcare: “Sign this bill or we stop funding”, aka: “Give me your lunch money or I’ll punch you in the face and take your lunch money.” I hate both choices, but Graham-Cassidy trying to sneak another healthcare repeal through congress on September 30th…will simmer for another day. 

Donald Trump’s speech has made us a laughing stock around the world—yet again, and that merits mention.

Trump owes the United States and the United Nations an apology, but he won’t apologize. I have a suggestion for the UN. You would do well to exclude the U.S. from future meetings until this Trump situation is resolved. The vast majority of Americans will understand the snub, and feel secure in it. 

Donald J Trump, America’s ugly, proudly displayed his stupidity on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly. There are some things you can’t un-say:

“The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself.” Donald J Trump to UN

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly during Trump’s speech to the UN seemed a little distraught. Perhaps he doesn’t think Trump should have access to the nuclear codes either.

Fred Kaplan of Slate Magazine called Trump’s UN speech—

“The most hostile, dangerous, and intellectually confused address by an American president to an international audience.” 

But surely we had some reasonable representation there:

So what Rand Paul tells the UN is that votes should be weighted by wealth. The wealthy should control more than they already do. This is the new American democratic ideology: I’m a billionaire, so I take the loaf, and the rest of you can work hard to scoop up the crumbs. 

Let’s go back to the confusion in chief. We expected something big, did we not? After Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, disclosed his intent to indict Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, after a midnight raid of his home: no knock, locks picked, guns drawn, wife frisked, computer files copied, photos taken of everything including his wardrobe, we expected Trump to react.

Something had to come of the disclosure that Manafort has been under the FBI’s microscope since 2014, (get your calculators out millennials— that’s a long time), and Lordy there are tapes! Tapes between Manafort and Russian operatives discussing the Trump campaign, and Trump is on said tapes. These tapes promise to be far more damaging than the pee pee tapes with Trump and under aged sex workers in Russia. 

So, rest easy, this Trump speech was another attempt at distraction, and we knew it would come. 

— It’s Mueller Time…yes, I know I keep saying that and it hasn’t happened. My bored teenaged son tells me I’ve been saying it for a months, but it only feels like the Iowa part of a cross-country drive in February. 

Mueller has only been on this case since May, (millennials…that’s not a long time.) These things take time. According to insiders, Mueller is “attacking this investigation in the way Feds go after an organized crime syndicate”…at lighting speed. 

Speaking of crime syndicate, like tax evasion took down Al Capone, Mueller’s investigation is, in large part, focusing on financial crimes such as tax evasion and money laundering. 

Mueller’s team is digging as deep as 2011 in their document search. October 15 is the deadline to bring charges against Manafort for his 2011 returns. Maybe that is the reason for Mueller’s lightening pace? Lordy I hope so.
Mueller promised Manafort an indictment. Michael “lock her up” Flynn must be next in line, then Carter Page, and the circle gets smaller— perhaps son in-law Kushner due to his Facebook/Russia manipulations, and Don Jr for the nothing burger— until finally the whole Kleptocracy Klan, all the way up to Pence and Trump, will be wearing stripes.

Incidentally, Trump is using Republican National Committee funds to pay his lawyers, directing more than $230,000 to his attorneys in August alone. Is that that legal?  

Meanwhile, the longer Trump reigns, the more damage he does to the United States standing in the world, and our economy. The New York Times reports a $2.7 billion loss in international tourism revenue in the first few months since Trump took office, and tourism to the U.S. continues to steadily decline. Why would anyone choose to plan a trip to a country as unstable as Trump’s America. “MAGA”

Unprecedent Him Already!!


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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Goes to the United Nations

  1. I honestly believe that Trump was addressing the International UN audience in the same way as he would his supporter base. You could see most of the audience cringing in embarrassment. How he was allowed to give that speech by his senior advisors, I have no idea.

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