Eight Reasons Trump Jr. Isn’t guilty

Rotten apples fall from diseased trees

Sometimes two apples…and often three

Once democracy’s stained

What’s unanswered remains:

Imprisoned or pardoned and set free


He was misled and not thinking corruption

It was a woman so they would talk adoption

Russian babies brought here

What’s there to fear?

She had no dirt so he had no compunction 

Fact: Hillary’s health was a concern

From the Russian he hoped he would learn

If Clinton was fit

To win and to sit

No facts offered nor any returned


Jr replied to the email, like a twit

“If it’s what you’re saying, I love it.”

He’s rock dumb, but polite

And that makes it alright

Say it ten times— now it isn’t bullshit

He’s important and busy, as such

He can’t read every email he’s touched

So he chose to forward

To Kush and Manafort

They met not to collude…not so much


Nothing gained—it was a big waste of time

Intent matters not—it is no crime

Fish with foreign agents

Wasn’t worth the time spent

Why care who he calls on his own dime?

Political opposition research

To win elections you must besmirch

Opponents if you can

They’re not even human

Russia offered…in reflex he lurched


Putin is a good friend after all

Annexing Crimea took big balls

Trump’s cash can’t be squandered

So they have it laundered

Ummm…too late to say “I don’t recall?”


If you must know the truth, it’s the same

Reason for any problem you name,

If something’s not right

Accuse one whose not white

The bottom line is Obama’s to blame


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