Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association 

These are my expostulations

Of an event beyond imagination

An electoral college upset expectations

Installed thanks to Russian insinuation 

Leading to an arguably rainy inauguration 

Alternate truth— a Trump foundation 

Regardless of his cognitive limitations 

A crowd size yuge— with magnification

Popular vote loss— his preoccupation 

He employs his friends and their relations 

Both Kushners too— immediate integration

Trump commenced his weekly golf vacations

Million dollars a day—Melania’s tabulation

Trump extended family spring Vail infestation

Regardless of tax payers indignation

Worldwide anti Trump demonstrations

First on his list—eliminate banking regulations

Next—a laughable so called negotiation

With big-pharma on prices of medications

Healthcare bill- a promise fluctuation 

Without any diplomatic negotiations

Or foreign leader communication

They must read his daily twitter quotations

He has called obsolete—The United Nations

Put North Korean on notification

WWIII a prognostication

Ended U.S.immigration

Commenced immigrant deportations

The Constitution has seen depreciation 

To distract from Flynn’s capitulation 

He bombed Syria – a fabrication

Followed by Sean Spicer’s clipped summations 

False wire tapping accusations

Tax cuts only for corporations

Emoluments clause—a complication 

Fake charitable donations 

His indisclosed taxes—causing estimations 

Who needs environmental organizations 

Or a planet for future generations

Monthly ego re-fuel— by red hat crowd orations  

Sessions frequent racist exclamations  

Chaffetz emergency surgical declaration

Sarah Palin’s not surprising degradation 

Giuliani crazed agitation

Pence anti-female mastication

Countless ethics violations

Stone, Manafort, Cohen, Paige resignations

Russian hotel bladder assignations

Countless recriminations

Cayman Island fund diversifications 

Tillerson Exon-Mobile-Rosneft consideration 

All under FBI investigation 

Likely impeachment indications

Treason has it’s ramifications 

Is Russia or prison—Trump’s final destination?

8 thoughts on “Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association 

  1. Well, Russia always look for new places to invade so it might be the other way around. Russia is clearly aiming for the US. It’s the long term danger by having a unstable white house. Russia’s in American waters and skies. In the election and among trusted people in the administration. It’s alarming. How far can the Russians go?

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      1. “The leader of the free world”, “The most powerful person on earth” – how do you approach that? I believe leaders have tried. Germany for example. It didn’t go well.The speech last night really showed that he’ll never unite America. By keeping people divided he can make his own decisions. And if it goes wrong, we know who he’ll blame.
        All of Europe is preparing for the worst. Sweden for example, going back to mandatory military service. It used to be voluntarily. However, the American military seem experienced and sober in all of this. It’s unfortunate the rest of the leadership seem weak. Not to say extremely ignorant. And it doesn’t matter what political views America have. If it goes bad it will go bad for everyone.

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  2. I’ve been saying to my sweet husband for a while, we’ll see him take refuge in the apartment over his in-laws’ garage in Slovenia (no extradition treaties) where he’ll paint the garage door gold and have the biggest, best garage door opener! 😉 xoxoM

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