Trump, Putin, Tillerson, Oil, and the EPA

Today’s headlines: 

“Rex Tillerson is approved by senate panel for Secretary of State”

“Trump advances controversial oil pipelines with executive action”

“Trump orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout”

I might be the last one to realize it, but these headlines are all part of the same story.

This we all know: ExxonMobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson, is as good as in as Secretary of State- regardless of the fact that he has no diplomatic experience, no foreign policy experience, no governmental experience at all. He has only ever worked in the oil industry. 

Tillerson retired his position with ExonMobile two months early, on January 1, 2017, just one week before the Senate confirmation hearings commenced. He took with him a retirement package valued at $180 million – in addition to $54 million he already expected in Exxon stock. 

Here’s a kick in the teeth—he will not pay taxes on any of it, taking advantage of a loophole in the tax code that was implemented by George H.W. Bush’s administration. It allows political appointees to defer any capital gains taxes they would ordinarily have to pay on investments that they’re required to divest prior to taking a post in government. And on his death, it will transfer to his heirs tax free. I digress.

Why does a guy with that much money and no experience want to become Trump’s Secretary of State? Rex Tillerson is a friend of Vladimir Putin. Putin awarded Tillerson the Russian Order of Friendship-believe me, they’re uge friends, everybody says so. Their bromance sparked when they introduced Russia’s oil company Rosneft to ExxonMoble. They joined forces and birthed a $500 billion dollar oil exploration partnership… the worlds most uge, carbon producing oil monster.

Before the plan was a monster, something happened: Russia annexed Crimea and threatened the Ukraine, which resulted in the U.S. and other countries imposing sanctions. The oil monster hope nearly died with those sanctions in 2014, and the monster was hospitalized in critical condition this December when, in retaliation for Russian interference in the presidential election, President Obama increased sanctions.
Putin wants the sanctions lifted…for the monster. His belief that Donald Trump would lift sanctions, if elected “precedent”, was one reason he interfered in the election.
Does Tillerson want to be Secretary of State so he can negotiate with other countries to lift their sanctions against Russia… for the monster? I’m thinking yes.

Now we have Trump giving the go ahead for every U.S. pipeline ever conceived. These pipelines we are told will bring jobs back. The Dakota pipeline project only created 30 or 40 jobs. Yes, that’s how many people it takes to destroy the environment. Trump says we’ll use American steel, but most of the steel for the pipelines has already been bought and paid for—probably from the same Chinese steel company that Trump uses to build his towers. 

The oil in the earth under the United States is not even destined to be used in the United States. It will be sold to other countries, like China. This is about oil companies and a handful of billionaires, many of whom now makeup Trump’s cabinet. They want to sell America for their own profit at the cost of the environment and the water supply for millions of people. Under Obama, the U.S. was well on its way to becoming self sustaining, using less expensive and environmentally friendly wind and solar power…we didn’t, and we still don’t need that oil.

And the ribbon that ties all of the above together is the silencing of any government agencies who might report how ExxonMobil covered up its own knowledge of human-induced climate change. The EPA is essentially under a gag order.

We all should have seen this coming. Trump tweeted-“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.. ” He promised to remove all environmental barriers to U.S. energy production regardless of any impact that would have on the environment. 

 To sum up, all three headlines are about Donald Trump and his greedy friends who will enrich themselves as they maintain their hold on the global energy market, and tell us it’s all for us…but it’s for the monster.

We are living in a world of “alternative facts.” We will be lied to until we are numb to it, and we sit back and watch as these billionaires help themselves to everything… Why isn’t someone stopping this?


January 24, 2017

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5 thoughts on “Trump, Putin, Tillerson, Oil, and the EPA

      1. You can send postcards telling them what’s important to you. That’s a Women’s March action now, send a postcard to each of your Congressional representatives expressing your priorities. While you’re at it, why not let the State legislatures know what’s on our minds, too? There’s more than one way to be loud! 😉 xoM


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