What More Could Captain Chaos Possibly Do?

That has to be it, right? What more could he possibly do? Well, perhaps the Mango Mussolini could lift asbestos regulations and give Russia an exclusive contract to sell that known cancer-causing agent to the US— Oh, he did that. That $20k you or your parents shelled out to have asbestos removed from your family … Continue reading What More Could Captain Chaos Possibly Do?

How Many Ways Can Donald Trump Insult Native Americans?

Was it ignorance, or was his racial insensitivity intentional? Either way the result is the same. Donald Trump decided to hold a ceremony honoring Native American WWII veterans in front of a painting of Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s signature is on the "Indian Removal Act" of 1830. That law was enacted for the sole purpose … Continue reading How Many Ways Can Donald Trump Insult Native Americans?

Good Week for The Man, Bad Week for Planet Earth. 

Environmentally, so much has happened this week... I don't know where to start.  We all know by now, Donald Trump has a vested interest in the oil industry. He has his reasons for giving the go ahead to pipeline companies like Trans Canada and Energy Transfer, and despite what he says, the 100 or so … Continue reading Good Week for The Man, Bad Week for Planet Earth. 

Exxon Denied, But Why? 

The Wall Street Journal this week reported that Exxon filed paperwork requesting to bypass 
sanctions against Russia in order to proceed with their oil deal with Russian oil company Rosneft.  Although paper work had been authorized for Exxon's request, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin today denied the request.  Exxon has said in regulatory filings that the sanctions … Continue reading Exxon Denied, But Why? 

Calls For Impeachment Have Begun

 "I, Donald Trump, hereby resign from each and every office and position I hold in the entities listed." On Jan. 19, 2017, the day before his inauguration, Donald Trump wrote a 19 page letter of resignation, naming over 400 entities from which he promised to separate himself. Trump's lawyers have said multiple times that all … Continue reading Calls For Impeachment Have Begun

The Prosperous and the Pushovers

I've tried to understand why anyone with an independent free will would support a person like Donald Trump, I have. What I have come to realize is that people, not only politicians, but all people, by nature are selfish. Politicians have more opportunities than the average person to feed their greed, and they're more likely … Continue reading The Prosperous and the Pushovers