The Back of Alex’s Head

I truly hated high school

And wished to disappear

Self destructive recklessness

United rage and fear


Ruled by a combination

Hormone fueled carnality

Insecure, despairing

Mulling my mortality


Struggling for independence

From dysfunction at home

How does anyone survive youth?

World, please leave me alone!


That wish had one exception

As futile as it was

There was a boy named Alex

(In home room) Who gave my life a cause


For four long years in high school

He sat in front of me

Sweet torture— his eyelashes

So long, how could he see?


The many shades from dark to blonde

In his long thick hair

Not once did he turn around

To see me sitting there


A sad sack of sadness

What a couple we’d have made

He—the sculpted David

I so needed to get lai out of that grade


Matriculated, I traded

Alex for Stanley

Behind him in dance class

He danced for the company


Stanley also never turned around

This time I didn’t care

Had he, I’d have been caught

With my tendency to stare

~Sigh 😔 


June 19, 2015 Prompt: Fifteen Credits~ What do you miss about high school?

5 thoughts on “The Back of Alex’s Head

  1. I went to elementary school with Carol Ann who had the same last name as me. My intimacy with her hair is still with me 50 plus years later. High school was the pits, but JHS was actually worse, hard though that is to believe. Glad it’s far behind me!


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