*Breaking* Fashion Trend Alert:

As hipsters claim high waisted relaxed fit jeans, skinny jeans have become the new "mom jeans."  You knew? I am always last. Time to resign myself to the mom look. My futility has become a humiliation. (I might have picked up on this when my old jeans disappeared from my closet.) *Source- eye witness account. … Continue reading *Breaking* Fashion Trend Alert:

Multiple Clown Sightings

The clock strikes noon, the bell rings, and we all spring to life. Drying the drool off my cheek I grab my jacket, as do the other inmates, and run from that Chicago public school where I do my time. My destination–home, and I run because I only have an hour. It's lunch time, so … Continue reading Multiple Clown Sightings


If I were six for a day... I would eat cookie dough  and dream about being  Seven With long bangs  And front teeth I would chortle At five year olds  Who drink milk And take naps During their  Half-day kindergarten Those babies If I were six for a day...  _________________________________ The Daily Post, September 29, … Continue reading Six

Hamster Mama Baby Killer 

I was about 12 years old when I had my pet hamster. I liked the hamster, but I can't recall its name. I suppose that is evidence that I wasn't particularly attached to it. It was cute and soft, but it smelled like urine and I didn't like cleaning the cage. It was by no … Continue reading Hamster Mama Baby Killer 

Counting Down

There are two days left until I take my middle child—thing two—to school. To part with two of my three children this month has been beyond intense, and if I weren't so overwhelmed with the logistics of the process: shopping, packing, planning, working, traveling, I'd probably be in search of matching slacks for my straight jacket.  … Continue reading Counting Down

Dear Towhead

Dear Towhead, my child  When you were young Lathered with sunscreen On the beach in the sun I worried incessantly For your transparent skin Dressed you in sun hats Since I couldn't keep you in On my watch no sunburn Had your skin ever seen My first of three children Now at nineteen A sprite … Continue reading Dear Towhead