Who Cares?

"Hippocleides doesn't care." ~ Herodotus I'm guessing you don't care either, but allow me to explain.  It started when a bunch of Greek guys were in competition to win the hand of some Greek girl whose father was a wealthy older Greek guy—they have a tendency to be controlling. By the end of the competition … Continue reading Who Cares?


Music is Like a hug Or a warm drink  On a cold day It feels good You don't have to  Play an instrument  Or sing well To feel music   But You do have to  Feel music To dance well   I do not play Or sing I listen Feel  And  Dance __________________________________ The Daily Post, … Continue reading Music

Ten Dollar Plastic Swimming Pools

Looking at my teenagers today, it's hard to believe that there was a time when their summer fun came from a ten dollar plastic swimming pool, and a jar of bubbles. This summer, for us, is bittersweet. A good portion of our time is to be spent on college visits, and planning futures. I remember … Continue reading Ten Dollar Plastic Swimming Pools

The Back of Alex’s Head

I truly hated high school And wished to disappear Self destructive recklessness United rage and fear ~ Ruled by a combination Hormone fueled carnality Insecure, despairing Mulling my mortality ~ Struggling for independence From dysfunction at home How does anyone survive youth? World, please leave me alone! ~ That wish had one exception As futile … Continue reading The Back of Alex’s Head

Green Hope

I was literally just out of high school. It was the 1980's, and I aspired to dance. I had a plan, a vague plan, but I was young enough and full of enough green hope to try to follow the yellow brick road down that path.  That summer, when my high school friends were all shopping … Continue reading Green Hope


My memories are A haze of muted colors A blue fog Mist The first time I let go And really danced Rhapsody ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Daily Post Jan 4, 2015 Daily Prompt First! Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your … Continue reading Boundless