Women’s Rights > Inflation

After the repeal of Roe v Wade, democrats had a clear lead in polls for the midterm election to be held on November 8. There is a lot on the line with this midterm: the fate of women, seniors, and everyone who is not a straight, white, wealthy, and male.

Looking at polls now, it appears we women have forgotten the attack against our reproductive rights. The party that has always claimed to want less government is now in the room with you and your doctor. Women have died along with Roe. They’re still dying. Is our attention span really that short?


They don’t even want you to have contraception. Republicans want to control women by forcing birth. That is evident in their legislation.

The palpable anxiety I feel regarding the upcoming election is cake iced with frustration at the number of individuals who choose to believe lies.


Inflated prices are a well timed gift to republicans that serve a dual purpose.

  • They make the public think democratic policies are causing inflation.
  • Corporate greed is fed.

Katie Porter wields her whiteboard, this time to addresses the lie republicans need you to accept. They want you to blame democrats for inflation so you’ll vote GOP in this midterm. They assume gas prices are more powerful than a woman’s right to autonomy. Likewise, they think the cost of milk is bigger than grandma’s only source of income, Social Security. It is not.

Let’s look for a minute at gas prices, (which most Americans don’t know are lower in the US than a cross the globe.) Oil companies are making record profits. They took over $2 billion in subsidies to keep prices down, but did not. Read that again.

The thing with big oil is they want officeholders in power who they know, from experience, will not regulate them. That means more pollution, and more profits. The Republicans (and Joe Manchin,) protect the fossil fuel industry because they have a vested financial interest in it. And keeping prices high will manipulate voters to vote Republican.

So, back to Katie Porter. I am her biggest fan. Not in a Stephen King “Misery” kind of way. But what do fact checkers say?

Factcheckers Agree With Katie Porter And Her Whiteboard That Corporate Profits Drive Inflation Price Increases

Democrats have nothing to do with what you’re paying at the pump. Likewise, that loaf of bread cost the same to create as it did three years ago. The price is up because the greedy used Covid-19 as an excuse to raise prices. Regardless, inflation is still higher in the rest of the world than it is here, but mainstream news isn’t focused on that.

The $1.9 trillion tax cut in 2017 for corporate America and the wealthiest 1% is not a subject the GOP is willing to engage. They will tell you to be afraid of democrats raising taxes, and that it is the middle class who will pay more if democrats have their way. LIARS. The rich will once again pay their fair share.

Pay no attention to the statistics behind the curtain that show inflation is worldwide problem. It is worse elsewhere.

Did you know republicans are suing to stop President Biden’s $10k student loan relief from going through?

Two republicans filed an injunction to stop the process. In a game of look how I’m not what I’ve been accused of, SCOTUS Amy Coney Barrett voted against those republicans. (Odd) Those republicans have taken their complaint to the federal appeals court who responded on the side of republicans and froze loan forgiveness. This was the plan when Barrett voted no. It was mental manipulation, an attempt to make the SCOTUS look less partisan.

Those lawmakers attempting to keep money out of the hands of the victims of predatory student lenders are the same people who accepted funds from the PPP, paycheck protection program that Don-the-con created to bilk taxpayers yet again. Pre-forgiven “loans” passed out to members of congress, billionaire athletes, corporate America, Trump’s administration and family, paid themselves after cashing the checks.

Republicans were silent when it came to the $800 billion PPP loans, because much of that money was given to members of congress, and the Trump administration, including his family, and the top 1%.

If you are poor and the GOP takes congress, you will surrender government healthcare, and assistance will fade to black. Republicans have made no secret that you will lose your Social Security if they win. That money is taken from every paycheck you ever earned. It’s yours to be used by you when your turn comes. But what’s yours is theirs.

Do the disabled, elderly, and poor understand what this election means? Do women? I hope so.

Dark money groups have spent nearly $1 billion so far to boost GOP Senate candidates

Please vote. Every vote counts.

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