Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails

Trump’s latest attempt to delay his inevitable arrest, for violation of the espionage act, was to demand the appointment of a Special Master to review the Top-Secret documents seized by the FBI during their search of Mar-a-Lago. Judge Cannon, a judge Trump appointed during his lame duck period, who had been deemed “unqualified” agreed with Trump and said in her report that because Trump was President he deserved special consideration. The DOJ appealed Cannon’s ruling, to her, siting the irreparable harm that decision would have on national security. The unqualified Trump sympathizing judge again disregarded the urgent nature of the case.

They proceeded to the selection of the Special Master. Trump’s team and the DOJ team each submitted two names of individuals they thought would be good candidates for the role. Trump’s team declined both DOJ nominees. The DOJ selected from Trump’s submissions, a retired Judge, Raymond J Dearie.

Dearie wants receipts, proof that Trump declassified the documents. Trump’s team has refused to cooperate… with their chosen Special Master.

Special Master, Judge Raymond J Dearie’s first order of business has been to request Trump’s team “disclose specific information regarding declassification to the Court and to the Government,” and to offer a defense to the merits of the declarations concerning actions taken to declassify the material.

Trump’s attorneys claim that turning over proof would harm his defense to any criminal charges. What next? Is there a way the Special Master can proceed without basic information?

Two things:

1. Claiming he “declassified” the documents is a pointless argument. Trump was never authorized to have them; they were never meant to leave their secure facility. He transported them and refused to return them when asked. They’ve been in his possession for 19 months, since he left office. There is no doubt that he violated the espionage act. The empty folders found on his property are especially alarming, and beg the question, did he sell the contents or are they hidden elsewhere?

2. These documents are property the United States Government. Each stolen page is worth a five year sentence.

He’s working on it.…

This Special Master delay tactic is, in my opinion, about to dissolve, and Garland will resume his investigation.

Consider the volume of requests Attorney General Merrick Garland has received to open criminal investigations. I doubt there has been a time in history when an Attorney General has had to contend with this magnitude of corruption.

Recent stunts by Florida Governor DeSantis and Texas Governor Abbott, include: “kidnapping by inveiglement,” use of COVID-19 relief funds to illegally transport legal immigrants across the country, falsifying documents, misleading them with a promise of jobs, housing, and other assistance. DeSantis’ motivation is clear; he had a cinematographer film the stunt so he’d have footage for his use in future political ads.

Both GOP 2024 presidential candidates, Trump and DeSantis, are under criminal investigation.

Oh, Ricky

I’d like to close with something that will demonstrate the decline of my cognitive ability.

I saw this 👆🏼on the internet and was blown away. I was not alone. Thousands of responses to the post proved I was not alone. There was an added sense of urgency impelling people to share the information because, as it says, the phenomenon only occurs today! I pulled out my calculator… OH MY GOD!! IT’S TRUE!! Then… 👇🏼

Oh, God. What can I blame this lapse on? Um… I had surgery two months ago?

Today is a great day to register to vote, or confirm that you’re still registered. Tell your friends. Women’s healthcare is just one issue on the ballot. It takes a minute. Your vote is worth the effort. If your ballot wasn’t necessary the GOP wouldn’t be fighting so hard to take it away.

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails

  1. DeSantis is a disgrace to Florida. How in the heck did we end up with both him and Matt Gaetz? Oh, geez–and Trump. Talk about grasping at straws. Trump thinks he’s still the ‘stable genius’ only because his attorneys have not a clue. He sure knows how to pick ’em.

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