Today is a Great Day to Vote Blue

Election Day, Tuesday, November 03 is three days away, but in actuality, most of October was Election Day. November 03 is your last chance to vote.

More than 89 million votes are in, and it is anticipated that more people will vote in this election than in any of our nation’s history. In Texas, a red state that may turn blue has had more early voters than their final voter count in 2016.

Nationally, more than 54 million mail-in ballots have been received. You can check to see whether or not your ballot has been counted by using the link below; each state has a different process. If your ballot is not received by Election Day, go vote in person.

If you still have your mail-in ballot please deliver it to an official drop box ASAP.

Trump has reportedly canceled his election night event at his DC hotel. He must know this won’t end well for him. And if Trump loses, regardless of how narrow or wide the margin is, he will contest election results. We can expect him to claim it was an invalid election because of some kind of fraud that never happened. He might declare himself a winner at any point after polls have closed if he has a lead, and attempt to stop the counting of absentee ballots.

Trump has operatives in Florida seeking detailed info regarding paper ballots and voting machines.

The Supreme Court has been stacked in time to argue election results. Trump has said he expects the election results to end up there. He hopes that the SCOTUS will choose our president, as they did in 2000.

I hope the media has enough sense to put Trump on delay so they can edit any call to violence. He has rallied his domestic terrorist supporters to “stand-by,” and has asked them to guard proceedings at the polls. That fear tactic is designed to scare people into staying home on Election Day but may have had the opposite effect than he had hoped for, motivating people to vote before Election Day to avoid being subjected to intimidation.

Knowledge is a remedy for anxiety, and for that reason, I wanted to know how ballots are counted. Election results are tallied differently in different states, although some states have decided to start their count earlier than they normally do.

The Trump campaign has gone to court to stop Nevada from counting early votes.

They have also gone to court in Pennsylvania and Ohio to try to invalidate mail-in ballots that are not delivered by 8 pm on Election Day. Michigan and Wisconsin also anticipate a legal battle over mail-in ballots.

This administration knows they can not win if everyone votes and all votes are counted. If the threat of disenfranchisement by a petty con man isn’t enough to motivate you to vote then you deserve the future you will have subjected us all to.

In 2016 more than 108,000 registered voters stayed home. If you haven’t voted yet, today is a great day to vote.

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