McConnell’s Primary Election is Tomorrow

Political poll results matter, particularly when you’re planning to cheat. It’s harder to make excuses for “surprise election results” when canvassing numbers show the other candidate leading by double digits, which is the case with Biden and tRump. Biden is up by 13% in some polls.

Surveys should not make us complacent; we must vote.

Hillary was expected to win in 2016, but several factors created a perfect storm that she couldn’t survive. There was a propaganda campaign on social media, Russian trolls posing as black Americans encouraged voter apathy, Hillary didn’t spend enough time soliciting the vote in some key states, a third-party candidate muddied results, and there were also the hundreds of thousands of purged voter registrations that prohibited registered democrats from voting.

That was covered in one of the indictments AG Barr has tossed out, filed in July 2018 by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, reporting Russians hacked into the computers of a U.S. vendor that supplies software used to verify voter registration information for the 2016 U.S. elections. ~It was in the Mueller report that no one read.

Exit-polls named Hillary winner of the electoral vote as well, but that turned out to be wrong. Excuses for the disparity in exit-polls versus real results in 2016 included:

Polls are never right.

The media manipulated polls against tRump.

People were afraid, to be honest about their votes.

Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million, but it is the electoral college that decides who will be president, not the majority of voters in this democratic republic.

So the country has gone to Hell by way of Putin and held the course thanks to Trump’s loyal crew of enablers, many of whom are up for re-election in November.

Tomorrow, tRump’s most influential congressional facilitator, Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, easily the most despised member of Congress across the nation, and extremely unpopular even in his own state, is on the primary ballot.

Polls over the last two years have shown McConnell’s approval ratings fluctuate from the upper teens to the lower thirties. Oddly enough, he is confident that he will win. He has gone as far as to say that he wants to remain the senate’s GOP leader. (He expects Democrats win the majority.) This traitor who has taken money from Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, in exchange for protection from sanctions, for his part in the 2016 election, expects to survive the blue tsunami. The cockroach that he is may well survive. He has signaled to other GOP members of Congress that if they need to separate from tRump to win, they should do so. Do whatever it takes to keep their seat.

Mitch has shown his cards. His state of Kentucky has announced the closure of 3,500 polling places. Kentucky had 3,700 polling stations, but tomorrow’s primary election will have 200. Not bad enough? There will be one poll worker in each polling station, “because of COVID-19.”

Let’s do the math. A vast majority of the 937,000 voters , one-third of Kentucky’s population, who planned ahead by requesting mail-in ballots have not received them.

4.468 million souls inhabit the state. 3,462,152 are registered to vote in this election.

Let me take off my socks and tabulate the number of people who will be in line to vote at each of those 200 polling stations. If the numbers were divided evenly across the state, approximately 1,731 people would be assigned to each of the 200 polling stations, where one person will check people in, explain how the machines work, and monitor the process.

But the closed precincts are not distributed evenly throughout the state. There‘s only one polling station for the 616,000 registered voters in Louisville’s Jefferson County, where 50% of Kentucky’s black voters live. One-third of the residents in Jefferson county requested mail-in ballots. If by some miracle those voters receive their ballots by Tuesday, ballots must be postmarked and received by June 27.

Jefferson County began in-person early voting this week, and officials say thousands of voters took advantage of the option, without the inconvenience of a long line.

Mitch has said that if everyone votes the GOP won’t win another election, so his efforts at self-preservation have focused on suppressing the vote.

Confusion will play a part in his plan. People who have been going to the same precinct to vote for decades now need to figure out where they are supposed to go, and how to get there. 200 precincts with one worker. Machine tampering will be easier with fewer machines and fewer witnesses.

“It’s outrageous that officials are seeking to hold in-person elections in a single location. It’s as if Kentucky failed to follow the crisis that unfolded in Wisconsin and Georgia, where officials were woefully unprepared for the turnout on Election Day.” ~Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Or, it’s as if they followed the crisis in Wisconsin and Georgia and decided that was their only shot at re-election.

Six Republicans are running for Senate in this primary against McConnell. Nicholas Alsager, Paul John Frangedakis, Louis Grider, Naren James, Kenneth Lowndes, and C. Wesley Morgan are on the Republican ballot hoping to unseat McConnell.

The two Democrats to watch are conservative Democratic candidate Amy McGrath vs the more liberal Charles Booker. That race alone is expected to draw a larger than normal turnout than in past primaries.

My hope is that this widely reported blatant attempt to disenfranchise the citizens of Kentucky will motivate more people to vote. Let’s hope they plan for a long day, and stay in line.

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