Karma for Traitors

It must be hard living in John Bolton’s skin right now, being universally hated.

Democrats hate Bolton because he refused to testify when Congress called on him to do so. He wanted to save his information, to sell it a book. The intelligence could have made a difference in the outcome of tRump’s impeachment.

John Bolton is hated by Republicans for writing the book, sharing damning information about tRump that might affect the GOP’s reelection efforts in the upcoming November election.

Now he has written his book, and despite Trump and Barr’s efforts to stop the publication, it is set for June 23rd.

It is a shame that a PDF version of the book has leaked.


Happy Fathers Day.

6 thoughts on “Karma for Traitors

  1. I have felt that the late breaking White House effort to squelch this book is an effort to divert attention from covid…And get the Difficult Toddler into the headlines. This energizes his base.

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    1. There are so many ”Breaking News” stories that some are obviously meant to distract, like Matt Gaetz tweeting about having an adopted 19-year-old son– who has parents.

      I think Bolton’s book has damning information that warrants impeachment again. But really we already knew all of it, he has only confirmed it, so you may be right.

      Last night at his rally in Tulsa, Trump bragged that he told his people to hold back COVID testing. That is a big admission and a problem for him if anyone was listening. I wish the media would prioritize their stories.

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      1. I do too. I also think that people who attended should have to wear a big pin saying they did so they can be avoided. But then I was all for having reopening protest participants sent off to pluck chickens. This disease is real. China doesn’t shut Beijing down for nothing.

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      2. Oh, but we were corrected this morning. tRump only said hold back the testing ‘tongue in cheek.’ You know what a kidder he is, and how he is not involved in anything….

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