Social Distancing March to April— a poem

Ventured out to the grocer,

A day four weeks past;

Always responsible,

Muzzled in a face mask.


I saw no single soul

With a face-covering.

Which is meaningless;

Because I couldn’t see a thing.


This is an understatement:

I was discomposed.

While my glasses fogged up.

Hell’s fire burned in my nose


It was pinched, it hurt;

I panicked, struggling for breath.

Inventoried my senses,

Here’s what I had left:


Touch- which isn’t helpful

When selecting canned goods,

Sound- grunts heard as my cart

Rolled past where people stood.


I might be humiliated

But happily

I’ve convinced myself

No one could tell it was me


I consumed the vile food

Purchased blindly that day.

My fridge is empty again,

I can not delay.


After plenty of practice;

My plan is complete.

I’m off to the grocers-

People do need to eat


I found out, its embarrassing,

I won’t pretend,

The metal nose bridge on the mask

Was made to bend.


Brain surgeons can do it,

Could I conquer the task?

I’m quite proud to say

I’ve mastered wearing a mask.


No fog created

Wearing my smaller eyewear.

Shopping today,

Smelling smelly smells everywhere.


No feet were rolled over

Not by my shopping cart.

All faces covered;

This misery breaks my heart.

6 thoughts on “Social Distancing March to April— a poem

  1. As you have certainly found
    while protecting all others around,
    Wearing a social distancing mask
    Is not a very big task.
    I hope some day soon
    we’re told “No More Masks starting at noon”
    but until then … what the heck
    Back in the car it’s pulled down to my neck!

    Liked by 1 person

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