Giuliani’s Butt

In yet another story to file with the news that you can not believe is true, Rudy Giuliani's butt has been calling an NBC reporter who he had been in contact with (intentionally) several hours before. His butt left relatively long, damming voicemails in which he laments such woes as: “The problem is we need … Continue reading Giuliani’s Butt

Our House is on Fire

Current topics of discussion, as of late, have left me uninspired to write. The following joke is making the rounds: Q: What’s the difference between Trump and Greenland? A: You can't buy Greenland. The man who inspirits humor, among those who can still laugh, is not useful for much else, asking philosophical questions out of … Continue reading Our House is on Fire

My Morning Existential Crisis

All at the same time this morning: clap of thunder, loud💥BANG💥 (not thunder)—power goes out, and a twitter alert tells me @OfficialJesusH is following me. 🤔 What does it mean? I’m here in the dark having an existential crisis. (Also, I’m older than Jesus🙄) *UPDATE* the "Existential Crisis Hotline” retweeted this. What's happening?

Nunes Wants a Wall… a limerick

Devin M (Memo) Nunes has now ordered A wall built to crate a border Tween Dems and Repugs Someone needs a hug Paranoia— a mental disorder ___________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>

Another Seat Turned Blue… a limerick

Dems continue to turn up the heat Missouri— last night's GOP defeat A 28 point swing Hear the roar—deafening A blue wave has flipped 36 seats________________________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>

Parade for Cap’n Bonespurs… a limerick

Our great Cap'n Bonespurs wants a parade The Pentagon is to use taxes paid What a fresh new idea! Like Russia and North Korea This is how dictators are made ___________________________ <a href="">Bewildered</a>